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Binance Welcomes Former Uber Exec to Serve as VP of Global Expansion Operations


We are excited to welcome Matt Shroder to the Binance family. Matt will serve as VP of Global Expansion Operations at Binance, leading the international operations team and further expanding our reach of services. Matt joins the team with a proven track record of growing organizations from startup to multinational companies within new and disruptive industries and will assist in the global expansion of Binance’s operations and services.

Prior to Binance, Matt served in a variety of leadership roles at Uber, most recently as Head of Product Operations for its global driver, safety and marketplace programs. Matt served at Uber when it was a small startup back in 2013 through its recent IPO. 

“Matt has tackled many similar challenges at Uber--a company that was leading an entirely new industry, the sharing economy--which we feel resembles our industry today,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (“CZ”). “We are delighted to have Matt join our team and confident in his ability to help shape our business as he did at Uber, including launching and scaling many new markets.” 

Matt hopes to be an advocate for the industry and merchant acceptance, especially in emerging markets that present strong use cases and benefits of cryptocurrency.

“There are more than a billion people who are unbanked or don’t have the ability to participate in the global financial market,” said Matt Shroder, VP of Global Expansion Operations at Binance. “By giving individuals access to these tools and opportunities, we can lift the quality of life for generations to come. I am looking forward to working with the larger Binance team as we focus on providing those types of opportunities at the global scale."

Matt will also work with the team on further enhancing Binance’s products and services at a local level to meet its diverse user base globally.

“Matt’s passion for our shared mission as well as experience in successfully leading product strategy and operations at a multinational level will ensure that we continue to improve and innovate,” said Yi He, Binance Co-Founder. “He is able to anticipate local challenges on the ground and how it can better serve people at a local level across the globe.”