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Sep 15
Binance Research Analyzes the Crypto Brokerage Industry

The crypto brokerage industry has seen rapid growth and development, constantly matching the unique demands of large market participants, according to the latest report from Binance Research.

Binance Research, the market research and analysis arm of Binance, recently published a report that explored the state of the crypto brokerage industry. 

In the report titled “What is the Outlook for the Crypto Brokerage Industry,” Binance Research worked with the Binance Brokerage team to analyze the brokerage industry in the crypto space by looking at various case studies. The report evaluates the industry’s similarities with the traditional financial broker industry, before discussing some of the trends regarding the outlook of crypto brokerage.

“Crypto broker service providers have empowered brokers to offer services to institutional participants from both crypto and traditional brokerage environments, promoting the lateral expansion of the industry through non-crypto companies offering dedicated crypto trading to their users, which is expected to further lower entry barriers in the industry,” according to the new report.

Binance Research noted that while traditional brokers aim to provide a one-stop-shop of financial services for institutional clients, they have not opened up spot crypto services, limiting themselves to only crypto derivatives and other instruments. As a result, crypto exchanges have established themselves as the center of the emerging crypto brokerage industry.

Binance Research added, “The emerging crypto industry has seen the development of two categories: prime brokers and broker service providers. On the other hand, fintech and FX brokers have displayed a greater appetite to be more involved in the space, following initial attempts to offer CFD crypto trading to clients.”

Read the full report here.