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May 06
Introducing Polaris: Become a Cryptopreneur

Polaris is an initiative designed under the Blockchain for India Fund to meet the needs of first-time entrepreneurs and tech talents who want to explore working on crypto and blockchain-related projects. Polaris, under the Blockchain for India Fund by Binance and WazirX, will provide holistic support, including investment and marketing expertise and tools, and technical support from the Binance X developer program, enabling cryptopreneurs to give life to their ideas successfully. Interested entrepreneurs can apply for two Polaris programs, Kickstart and Blitzscale, depending on which stage of development the teams and individuals are in.

Polaris is created to empower more early-stage entrepreneurs and talents to explore and find their interests and direction in the blockchain industry. The Polaris program will provide them with support to generate and shape their business ideas using blockchain technology, and will also help to grow and scale their existing business or solve new challenges.

Polaris Kickstart Program

The Blockchain for India Fund will provide seed funding starting from $5,000 USD to $20,000 USD under the Polaris Kickstart initiative. Polaris Kickstart is a program providing early-stage financing for teams or individuals who have innovative ideas or concepts which are yet to establish the proof of concept in the real world. The objective of this program is to encourage innovative cryptopreneurs and provide support to create a proof of concept and successful prototypes. Binance X will provide the technical expertise required during the program from concept to the prototype stage. We encourage the project teams to BUIDL on the Binance Open Platform. Scroll below to see the list of available services and libraries.
Are you interested in the Polaris Kickstart Program? Apply now!

Polaris Blitzscale Program

Under the Polaris Blitzscale initiative, the Blockchain for India Fund will provide seed funding, starting from $20,000 USD to $100,000 USD. Polaris Blitzscale is a program to provide funding to teams or individuals who already have either a working prototype or a real-world application deployment (can be in proof-of-concept stage). The objective of this program is to not only provide investment support but also business and marketing plan support to successfully scale-up projects and prototypes. Just like with the Kickstart Program, we also encourage the Blitzscale teams to BUIDL on the Binance Open Platform. Scroll below to see the list of available services and libraries.

Are you interested in the Polaris Blitzscale Program? Apply now!

Direct Investment Program

The Blockchain for India - Direct Investment Program will continue to make investments in both equity and tokens, ranging from $100,000 USD to $5 million USD. The fund will also partner with venture funds in India that are actively investing and supporting the blockchain ecosystem.

Are you interested in the Direct Investment Program? Apply now!

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Funding & Support

    ● Binance APIs and development documentation is available online. We welcome developers and entrepreneurs to study and evaluate your innovative ideas and see which program will fit your business plan and needs. 

    ● The funding for projects joining PROGRAM POLARIS will be based as follows:

            ● Polaris Kickstart Program: $5,000 USD to $20,000 USD

            ● Polaris Blitzscale Program: $20,000 USD to $100,000 USD

            ● Direct Investment Program: $100,000 USD to $5 million USD

    ● The funds will be paid out in BNB, WRX, or BUSD.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Let us know at or visit