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Jan 15
Binance Futures Review, Month 4: How BUIDLing Brings More Volume

On its fourth month of operations, Binance Futures launched not one, not two, but four new futures pairs, among more enhancements! Binance Futures Director Aaron Gong shares some insights on how each update helped in bringing higher volumes for the platform.

Dear Binance Futures Community,

We’re entering our fourth month at the dawn of the new decade. But before we can look forward to the bright future ahead, let’s look back a bit and see how we progressed in 2019. I wanted to showcase this chart of how #BUIDLing can translate into real growth.

We started in September from very humble origins, and we quickly rolled out 6 new types of orders, H5 mobile web, and a 200,000 USDT welcome bonus. Our market share quickly climbed from low-single-digit rates up to 20% within just a week. In our second month, we launched 125x which soon became one of the most popular features, and our percentage share went from 20% to 40%. In our third month, we introduced the Android and IOS apps, ETH/USDT pair, low latency services, market making program, two welcome bonus programs, and our percentage was improved from 40% to 60% and peaked at 65.87% in early December.

For a more detailed discussion on how we gradually evolved Binance Futures into its current states within just a quarter, as well as how we disrupted the crypto derivatives market, here’s our new report: Leverage and Derivatives: Overview of Binance Futures in 2019. Read this report, as it also has several new insights on how Binancians use Binance Futures, such as this breakdown on the use of different leverage points on the platform.

For our fourth month, the Binance Futures team kept #BUIDLing in the midst of the holiday celebrations of December. We closed 2019 with a bang and entered 2020 in a very exciting way, rolling out the following enhancements:

  • Added BCH, XRP, EOS, and LTC pairs – It took 2 months to add our second pair, 1 month to add the third pair, 2 weeks to add the fourth pair, and 2 days to add the fifth pair.

  • Increased ETH leverage from 50x to 75x – The community’s requests were heard and delivered.

  • Isolated Margin – Manage your risk in a more controlled fashion. 

  • Futures referral program – Both you and your friends will earn. Join now.

  • 10% BNB discount – #UseBNB to get cheaper fees for your Futures trades.

  • Limited-Edition Binance NFTs – Add more festive elements to Christmas with the following NFTs: EXCHANGE THE WORLD, HO HO HODL, CRYPTO XMAS, CANDY COIN, BNBAUBLE, and HAPPY HOLLY-DAYS

  • Position Sharing Contest – Share your Binance Futures positions to win big.

  • Trading Tournament – 100,000 USDT in BNB to be won. Promo runs until Jan. 16.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." 

We are committed to #BUIDLing the crypto derivatives industry and driving crypto adoption worldwide in 2020.

Keep #BUIDLing, keep growing. Happy new year!

- AG, Binance Futures Director