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Nov 01
Binance X Newsletter | 2nd Issue

Binance X, the developer-focused division of Binance, regularly releases newsletters to keep the blockchain industry abreast of the latest technological developments. Here we provide a glimpse of the latest newsletter. Click here to read the full newsletter and all the previous ones.

BrowserBNB is seeking beta testers

BrowserBNB is a Metamask-like browser extension for the Binance Chain by the Button Wallet team. Sign up to beta test.

GoBNB now available on TestFlight app

GoBNB, a WeChat-UX wallet & merchant solution supporting BNB & USDSB, is now live on TestFlight. 

Bitcoin SPV utilities available in Go and JS

Summa has partnered with the Interchain Foundation to build Bitcoin SPV tooling for the Cosmos ecosystem. Libraries now available in Golang and ES6+, and are API compatible with existing Solidity tooling.

Binance Chain launched BEP3 Support on Mainnet 

BEP3 allows atomic swaps between Binance Chain and other blockchains with smart contract capabilities. A reference BEP3 implementation for BEP2 and ERC20 tokens was open-sourced.

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