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May 06
Binance Weekly Report: Binance Chain + DEX March On, New Charity Ambassadors

Also in this weekly report (April 29 to May 4, 2019): Binance’s new compliance partner, Trust Wallet’s latest WalletConnect feature, the premiere of Binance Podcast, and more!

1. Here is the latest news from Binance DEX, the community-led decentralized exchange running on the Binance Chain blockchain.

- Aeron, BOLT, and MyWish have migrated to Binance Chain.

- Enjin, Magnum Wallet, and Coinomi have launched support for Binance Chain

- Spendcoin and ChangeNOW are listed on Binance DEX

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2. Binance entered into a compliance and security partnership with blockchain analytics startup Elliptic. This new collaboration makes Elliptic the newest addition to Binance’s growing list of compliance partners, after Refinitiv, Chainalysis, IdentityMind, and CipherTrace.

3. Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, announced a  new Binance for Children Ambassador campaign and appointed prominent blockchain influencers as the first official ambassadors under the campaign.

The new ambassadors are:

- Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of Binance

- He Yi, Co-Founder and CMO of Binance

- Mai “Miss Bitcoin” Fujimoto, Founder of KIZUNA

- Michael Arrington, Partner of Arrington XRP Capital

- Wu Jihan, Co-founder of Bitmain

- Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO

- Dovey Wan, Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures

- Justin Sun, Founder of Tron

- Shalini (Indian CryptoGirl), Indian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain influencer

- Bobby Bao, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development of

Here’s more news from Binance Charity this past week:

- Horizon State, a blockchain-based electronic voting platform, has committed to donating 5% of its revenues to Binance Charity. We’d like to thank Horizon State for this generous support for our cause.

- Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry, has joined Binance Charity’s board.

4. Trust Wallet, the official crypto wallet app of Binance and Binance DEX, has added WalletConnect to its app, allowing users to integrate with Binance DEX and use various decentralized applications, or DApps, in a more secure manner. Read this blog for more information.

5. Binance Academy, the educational arm of Binance, added new lessons and glossary definitions this past week:

- Leased Proof of Stake Consensus Explained (in collaboration with Waves). Get to know how this consensus algorithm format works for blockchain projects like Waves.

- New, comprehensive, community-submitted definitions of terms such as gas limit, issuance, liquidity, maximum supply, and sell wall.

6. Here’s the latest on the ongoing Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 2:

- Ire Aderinokun, co-founder of BuyCoins, shared her story of building a crypto startup in Africa with the Incubation Program participants in Lagos, Nigeria.

- Elad Verbin of Berlin Innovation VC dropped by the Berlin chapter of the Incubation program to discuss how he sees crypto as a form of collaboration technology.

7. Binance OTC Head Leslie Tam gave a keynote speech at the 2019 Blockchain Investors Summit in Seoul, South Korea.

"Binance's goal is to be the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain ecosystem. Binance Trading aims to achieve this by providing over the counter liquidity across the broader crypto space, including altcoins."

8. Binance Info premiered the new Binance Podcast, where our Binance leaders discuss timely topics within the blockchain universe. In the debut episode, Binance CFO Wei Zhou and OTC Head Leslie Tam discussed stablecoins and why corporations such as JP Morgan, Facebook, and IBM are interested in them. Click here to hear the full episode.

9. To celebrate World Password Day, we launched the Binance Challenge, a contest where participants have to guess the password to a wallet that contained $250 in BNB. Participants were given clues on our social media accounts every 2 hours. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winner.

10.  Matic Network just completed a tester reward program open to Binance users, with a total $60,000 worthy-of MATIC token giveaway. Happy coding and congratulations to the winners!

11. Congratulations to the winners of the #MaticLottery competition:

Winning Twitter User

Winning Ticket





















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