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Mar 18
Binance Weekly Report: Charity’s 50-Cent Dream,’s Zero Deposit Fees

1. Binance.JE is now offering ZERO fees on all EUR and GBP deposits until further notice. To continue to improve Binance.JE and make this the leading EUR and GBP fiat-to-crypto exchange, users now have access to the fastest payment channels the existing traditional banking system has to offer.

Binance.JE also giving away 1,000 Euros equivalent in $BNB. Click here for details of how to enter.

2. Trust Wallet, Binance’s official multi-cryptocurrency wallet, has added support for credit and debit card payments. The new payments option is accompanied by Trust Wallet’s support for XRP, which users can now receive, send, store and exchange.

Trust Wallet now supports 17 blockchains and provides users with access to hundreds of DApps via its Web3 browser. Read Trust Wallet’s blog for more latest updates.

Find out what's next for Trust Wallet, along with plans for Binance DEX and Lightning Network, in this recap of Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko’s live AMA.

3. Binance Charity. To many people, 50 cents is a tiny, insignificant amount. But for the children of Uganda, this makes the difference between a bright future and a life of hunger. Follow the stories of Joen, Bratrice and Elijah, who continue to pursue their dreams with the help of just 50 cents and a blockchain-powered donation platform.

Binance Lunch for Children is an ongoing project, providing long-term healthy food for children in Africa. Every contribution you make can help advance these children’s future. Please consider making a donation today.

4. Binance DEX. Curious to know how the Binance DEX logo design came to be? Exactly one year after our first post-whitepaper announcement of Binance Chain, our Binance design team takes a look back at the surprising story of its logo. Read more in this blog post. Check out the Binance DEX testnet here.

5. Binance Academy, the leading open-access blockchain and cryptocurrency education portal, has released a bounty for glossary term submissions. Contribute to Binance Academy's mission to provide cryptocurrency education for all.

Read on for Binance Academy’s two newest articles:

- Blockchain Use Cases: Healthcare. Along with charity and supply chain, the healthcare sector is among the most discussed blockchain use cases. What aspects of blockchain make it suitable for healthcare?

- What is Technical Analysis? Learn more about technical analysis (TA), often referred to as charting, a type of analysis that aims to predict future market behavior.

6. With Theta Network's mainnet launch last week, Binance Research released an in-depth report about Theta's new end-to-end infrastructure for decentralized video streaming. Read the report here.

7. We had an incredible meetup Bogota, Colombia this past week! Thank you to our incredible Binance Angels, team and community for your support. Make sure to join our Binance Spanish telegram group to stay informed of our next one!

8. Our leadership team has been just as busy, with our CEO CZ speaking with Bloomberg on Binance Coin, the “Hottest Crypto Coin's Massive Rally…”, and chief growth officer Ted Lin speaking at TOKEN2049 on “Gatekeepers: Crypto Exchanges.”

9. From launching the Binance DEX testnet, to offering zero fees for deposits on, read about everything we accomplished this past month at Binance: Binance Review,  Month 20: BUIDLing and DEXing.

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