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Mar 01
Binance Research Publishes Analysis Evaluating JPM Coin's Sustainability for Institutions

MALTA / March 1, 2019 -- Binance Research, the insights and analysis arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, today published a market research report delving into the implications of JPM Coin, a stablecoin backed 1:1 by J.P. Morgan’s fiat reserves.

According to the report , JPM Coin has initially been built on Quorum as a closed network and is unlikely to directly impact crypto markets in the short to mid term. However, it is positive for the industry as it further legitimizes blockchain technology. Bank-backed stablecoins can also help to strengthen liquidity within the crypto-asset markets.

“While JPM coin does have the potential to materially impact traditional financial services (related to institutional client use cases such as clearing and settlement), it will not displace liquid, publicly traded stablecoins in the near-term given it’s private, permissioned structure,” according to the report.

“Should this pilot project prove successful as a model for driving institutional adoption of private blockchains, it has the potential to hinder long-term growth of a global decentralized economy.”

Breaking down new and complex developments in the industry, Binance Research provides fact-based information and objective analysis, aiming to reduce misconceptions by helping both individuals and institutions understand the implications of developments in the space.

“Can JPM Coin disrupt the existing stablecoin market?” is the first of an upcoming series of industry analysis and market reports to come. This report details use cases and design of JPM Coin, as well as how it differs from other fiat-collateralized stablecoins in circulation.

Nine in-depth research reports have been published on Binance Research to date on various cryptocurrencies, including NPXS, IOST, BTT, LOOM and FET.

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