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Feb 13
Get Your Official Binance Wallpapers and Images Here!

Today, we offer all our Binancians the opportunity to use some of our official image assets. Whether you're a Binance enthusiast who wants to spread the word about the exchange, or a journalist or blogger who needs to use certain images of any of our divisions for their stories, we got you covered. Click here to access our public drive of official Binance images and wallpapers! 

Below, we list what's in store for people who access our Binance image assets:

1. Brand Images. Choose from several image options that display our official logo and our tagline "Exchange the World." Best used as headers of blog posts or certain social media posts.

2. Logos. Get access to all the official logos of the Binance ecosystem, from the exchange to the different divisions of our ecosystem. (Pro tip: Check out the cool Binance DEX logo.)

3. Device Wallpapers. For any type of device, whether it's a smartphone, a desktop computer, or even a smartwatch, we have various Binance-branded designs for you, like this one below.

4. Design Guidelines. This public drive also contains an official guide from Binance on the best practices with regards to using our official images. You may even learn a design principle or two along the way.

We look forward to seeing how you use our Binance images for your stories, social media posts, or other media featuring us. Again, access our publicly available images on this drive!

Special thanks to the Binance design team for their generosity in offering these images to the public.

Note: The use of these images do not indicate official messaging or endorsement from Binance unless the images are used on official Binance-owned channels. Binance reserves the right to take action against the use of these images for inappropriate purposes and/or nefarious activities. For questions or suggestions on the use of these images, please coordinate with the Binance community at Telegram