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Dec 06
Introducing Binance Research

We're launching a new analysis division, Binance Research. Watch out for our in-house, institutional-grade project research reports, some of which are already online!

Binance is delighted to introduce a new member of our ecosystem: Binance Research. This new division of Binance will provide quality analysis on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain projects they represent. We launch Binance Research today with two objective, informative reports — read them here — with more to come regularly.

With the creation of Binance Research, we are building upon our endeavor of spreading knowledge of blockchain to everyone. Earlier this year, we launched a number of new divisions, including Binance Info, our database of information on various cryptocurrencies, and Binance Academy, our crypto-education arm giving basic to advanced lessons on blockchain and crypto topics.

With Binance Research, the main goal is to increase transparency and accuracy of information in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We believe delivering consolidated, comprehensive reports for cryptocurrency tokens and projects will be a huge step forward in leading the blockchain community to deeper understanding and more insights.

We're excited to now give you an overview of what you can expect from Binance Research.

What is Binance Research doing?

Binance Research's main output consists of comprehensive reports on various cryptocurrencies in existence. Each report is divided into a number of differing segments, each filled with data, links, references, tables, charts, and more useful information, all compiled in a single document.

Every Binance Research report will cover the following key segments:

  • Introduction to the Featured Cryptocurrency

  • Key Metrics and Highlights

  • Recent News

  • Price and Volume Chart

  • Token Sale and Economics

  • Roadmap Progress and Updates

  • Team Overview

  • Trading Data

  • Technical Code Overview

  • Product and Adoption Metrics

  • Community Data

  • Competitor Overview

But this early, Binance Research aims to go beyond the granular analysis of individual crypto projects. The team has expressed an intention to create a variety of publications on wider-reaching key market themes.

What makes Binance Research unique?

Here are some characteristics of Binance Research that set it apart when it comes to delivering quality research and analysis reports.

  • The Binance Research team connects with top officers and/or developers to clarify information relating to each project it studies. This enables the team to provide more nuanced information on topics such as private code development, token economics, governance, and updated strategic direction.

  • Binance Research is able to dig deeper into various metrics for each project, like usage and adoption.

  • The Binance Research team is comprised of members from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, including blockchain engineering, investment banking, strategy consulting, academic research, and data science.

  • With in-depth due diligence and information gathering, Binance Research is able to create institutional-grade research reports on specific digital assets. By providing insight and access into these projects, Binance Research raises the transparency level of the ecosystem, working toward building a strong foundation for the industry.

  • Like the entire Binance ecosystem, Binance Research values fairness and transparency. The information provided in the research reports is free of charge. These factors free up the team from any potential untoward conditions that may affect the integrity of our research.

Why did we form Binance Research?

Since the beginning of Binance, we have done extensive analysis of many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. This great attention to analysis, a matter of necessity for us, is one of the main driving forces for ensuring the quality of our cryptocurrency trading platform and the tokens that are being hosted. Last March, a Chinese research piece noted that fewer projects listed on Binance drop below ICO price compared to any other exchange, by a huge margin.

With the evolution of Binance from crypto trading platform to blockchain ecosystem, we welcomed the responsibility of being a trusted thought leader when it comes to blockchain. After the formation of Binance Info and Binance Academy, it made a lot of sense for our team to share what we learned from our early days of research for the benefit of the whole blockchain community.

In the nascent blockchain environment, there is still much to learn about the many cryptocurrencies in existence. A lot of work remains to be done to sort out between hard data and hype noise, to separate wheat from chaff.

At Binance Research, we shine a spotlight on quality blockchain projects, digging into the specifics of certain coins to come up with research reports that provide comprehensive data and insightful analysis. We can't wait to share our research with the world. Visit our website now to see what we can offer.

Binance Research does not provide reports on companies that issue securities or on securities generally; rather its reports relates solely to digital assets that are not securities. Binance Research is not registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission or the National Futures Associate and neither entity has reviewed, sponsored or approved the business activities of Binance Research. No communication from Binance Research should be regarded as a personal recommendation and will not take into account whether any transaction is suitable for a particular person. The information contained in Binance Research reports is based on sources considered to be reliable, but not guaranteed, to be accurate or complete. Binance Research is not responsible for information obtained or derived from third party sources or statistical services. Any opinions or estimates expressed by Binance Research reflect a judgment made as of the date it is published, and are subject to change without notice. Neither Binance Research nor any of its directors, officers, employees, representatives or agents accepts any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential losses (in contract, tort or otherwise) arising from the use of its research reports or reliance on the information contained therein.