How to Reset Account Email 【App】
2020-07-20 01:27
You can reset your email associated with your Binance account through the Binance app. Please refer to the guide below for how to reset the email registered to your Binance account.
1. Enter your email address and password on the login page, then click 【Log In】.
2. On the security verification page, click on 【Security item lost?】.
3. Choose【 could not be sent. Please submit a reset request.】, then click on 【Confirm reset】.
Note: If your Google/SMS verification is also unavailable, you can choose to reset multiple security items.
4. Enter the required 2FA verification codes, then click on 【Submit】.
5. Please fill in your new email address, and click on【Get code】. The new email address shouldn't be associated with an existing Binance account.
Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to the new email address, then click on 【Reset Now】.
6. The system will recognize your account information and level.
For Lv1 users, according to your account information, you will be required to answer security questions or to complete account verification.
Answer security questions:
Complete account verification:
After verification, or if your Account is Lv2, you will be required to complete face verification.
Face verification:
After you complete face verification, your submission will be reviewed as soon as possible, please wait with patience.