How to Use Binance Loans

2020-06-17 05:35
Video tutorial

How to borrow?

1. Click [Finance] - [Crypto Loans]. To start borrowing:
  • Select the asset you want to borrow and enter the borrowing amount.
  • Choose the collateral asset and enter the collateral amount.
  • Choose a loan term.
  • After confirming the borrowable amount, collateral, interest, repayment, and more, click [Start Borrowing Now].
2. Confirm all the information on the Order Confirmation pop-up. Read carefully and agree to the Binance Loans Service Agreement and click [Confirm].

How to adjust Loan-To-Value (LTV)?

1. Click [Ongoing Orders] - [Adjust LTV].
2. You can move the LTV bar to adjust LTV, or manually add/remove the collateral amount to do so.
3. Click [Add Collateral] or [Remove Collateral] to confirm the LTV adjustment.

How to repay?

1. Click [Ongoing Orders] - [Repay].
2. You can enter [Repayment Amount] directly or select a repayment ratio.
3. Review the details and click [Confirm repayment].
4. You will see a confirmation message after the repayment has been successfully processed.

How to check my loan orders and history?

1. Click [Orders] - [Loan History].
2. You can click to open the [Loan History] tab to check your:
  • Loan Orders
  • Repayment History
  • LTV Adjustment History
  • Liquidation History
  • Loan History

Liquidation fee

If liquidation happens, you will be charged a 2% liquidation fee from the total borrowed amount.