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Binance Nigeria "Don't Leave Me" Video Challenge

To celebrate Binance’s 3rd anniversary, Binance Nigeria is giving away a total of N500,000 to 50 winners through the “Don’t Leave Me” video challenge. 

Test your creativity in this video contest! The Top 50 winners will receive N10,000 each. 


1. JOIN AND LIKE, @BinanceNigeria on Telegram and Facebook respectively

2. MAKE A SHORT VIDEO that includes these two elements;

  1. Pick any listed coin(s) on Binance and give a crypto related “wisdom” (i.e like the “Don’t leave me” challenge) 


“If I have light and I’m holding a coin, can I call it Litecoin?”

“If I put this coin on the table and I beat the coin, can we call it Bitcoin?”

    1. During the video recording, show your homepage (mobile or desktop) and share 3 reasons why you use Binance 

3. POST YOUR VIDEO ON ANY TWO OF THE FOLLOWING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS with the hashtags #BinanceNigeria #Dontleaveme






4. Submit your video to Binance through this form.
Top 50 creative videos with highest engagement on social media will be selected and announced on  August 1st, 2020. 

The video competition is open from July 27th to 31st.