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Tournament Review: Onward With Quarterly Futures

Nothing brings traders together like a bit of competition. And there is no better way to celebrate Binance’s third anniversary than a trading tournament that engenders community togetherness.

The recently concluded Binance Quarterly Futures tournament was created to mark the grand launch of our second flagship futures product - quarterly futures. The tournament was a tremendous success as we saw a huge number of registrations, with an average of 3000 participants taking part each day. Allowing traders to earn more money, win different prizes, and share in a $200,000 bonus pool.

Over 15 days, traders had the chance to win multiple rewards in three competitions: 

  • Main trading competition: Prize Pool of $110,000

  • Daily Lucky Draw: 45 winners of $1,000 (total of $45,000)

  • Daily ROI Competition: daily prize of $3,000 (total of $45,000)

Despite the low volatility in Bitcoin markets, our traders have outperformed benchmarks and generated spectacular returns in the two-week tournament. 

In particular, one of the tournament’s best traders recorded a 2888% ROI in a single day - What an achievement!


It is always encouraging to welcome traders from around the world. And it is certainly exciting to watch them compete against each other to climb the Leader Board for the opportunity to claim a portion of the grand bonus pool. 

In the main event, traders compete based on the total trading volume, where the top 10 traders shared the $110,000 prize. The top prize of $30,000 in BNB tokens was awarded to the tournament’s most active trader, who generated more than 9.3 million in volume. Behind in 2nd and 3rd place, the runners-up generated 8 million and 5.2 million in volume respectively, thereby earning their respective rewards of $20,000 and $10,000 in BNB tokens.


Also, we gave away a total of $45,000 in BNB tokens to 3 lucky winners for each of the 15 days, where selected winners won $1,000 in BNB tokens each. This event offered many ways for traders to earn rewards with daily achievements that can be completed by traders of any skill level.


On the whole, the quarterly futures tournament was a massive success as we received lots of positive feedback from participants, most of them were pleased with the tournament and look forward to future events.

The tournament emphasized the importance of building a robust community of traders that helps us grow as a leading trading platform. Our strong community has helped create an extremely user-friendly platform, where a trader can set up an account and start trading on the go in a matter of minutes. Our trading platform is widely known for its low fees and commissions, a high-speed and stable matching engine, as well as free education and training services for our clients.

The Binance Quarterly Futures also allowed us to receive direct feedback from the community on ways to improve the trading experience. This is most important to us as we remain committed to our users and ensuring that they always have the optimal experience with us. A rewarding, safe, and healthy trading environment that optimizes both retail and institutional user experience helps strengthen our ecosystem’s foundation for the long-term.