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What Is The BinaryX (BNX)?

Activity Period: 2022/04/26 00:00:00 - 2022/05/03 23:59:59 (UTC)

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BinaryX (CyberDragon) is a novel blockchain project that blends DeFi characteristics into Medieval Fantasy RPG gaming. In this metaverse, players earn and spend BNX & Gold tokens while enjoying the auto-rebalancing gameplay and economy. You can choose to be a peaceful farmer or to mine Gold tokens as passive income by selling them to adventurers. And if you are ambitious, you can recruit heroes in the form of NFTs to fight in dungeons to earn great BNX rewards.

The ecosystem of BinaryX keeps growing as more Cyber Series games are under development. Apart from in-house initiatives, a Genesis Metaverse Engine will be released to have all innovative players and groups create their own games with ease to establish a joint forces GameFi community.


Since 2021, the majority of GameFi projects have focused on the play-to-earn model, a model that emphasizes more on "Fi" than the "Game" itself. This idea introduces a natural behavior for players to consider profit prior to gaming experience. If a GameFi fails to satisfy this earning expectation, the project may lose players quickly due to the broken economy and depreciated token value. 

In 2022, CyberDragon, the GameFi project initiated by BinaryX, starts its journey to bring success-proven “Collectible Cards” and “Auto Chess” concepts to the game while establishing an innovative economy that leverages blockchain characteristics. With the balance of Game and Fi, players look forward to not only sustainable earnings but a satisfactory gaming experience in the long run.

Learn and Earn in BinaryX

There are 2 ways to earn in the CyberDragon game. 

The first approach is to mint Gold tokens, which are widely used in the metaverse. Gold can be used to buy dungeon entry fees or heroes and equipment from the marketplace. The second path you can take is to play in dungeons and earn BNX tokens by defeating fearsome enemies.

To get started, you need to recruit heroes. As of April 2022, the cost of recruiting a hero is 1 BNX + 50 BUSD.

CyberDragon hero is in the format of an NFT (non-fungible token), which can be traded in the marketplace or transferred to another wallet if you want.


There are 6 different attributes to represent how good a hero is for his/her daily jobs (passively) and the potential to fight (actively) in dungeons. Players can always reference the game Wiki to understand how many Gold tokens the hero can mint per day. The lifespan of minting is initially 90 days. The lifespan can be extended by leveling up the hero.

When luck shines upon you, a hero qualified for a full-time job may join your team. The maximum Gold tokens that can be minted are several times more than a normal hero. The APR achieved will be even tens more times than usual!

You can claim the Gold tokens and sell them in exchanges like PancakeSwap anytime while the heroes are working hard for you. 

Play in Dungeons

Dungeon adventure is where CyberDragon brings RPG elements inside the game. You can order your heroes to risk their life into dungeons to kill monsters and gain BNX token rewards. There will be a fighting simulation back and forth to show how your hero performs. 

Each dungeon has a different challenge level and corresponding entry fee. You’ll need Gold tokens in order to play. To obtain Gold tokens, you can mint them on your own or purchase from exchanges.

Sometimes you’ll encounter dreadful bosses who have greater basic attributes and are thus more dangerous. It’s highly recommended that you watch the simulation process and analyze how you could strengthen your heroes by either leveling up or equipping better gears. And of course, there are great rewards for defeating the boss. 

GameFi Industry Framework

Thanks to the solid community base (more than one hundred thousand followers and members) and the stable self-regulated economic model, BinaryX has gone one step further announcing the long-term goal early this year to enrich the whole GameFi ecosystem in the release of the “March 2022 BinaryX Whitepaper”. 

Genesis Metaverse Engine

Developed by the BinaryX team, the engine is extremely easy to learn and use. No coding or modeling skills are needed. For developers, the barrier of entry for creating games is no longer hindered by professional skills, but rather by creativity and design.


Genesis Gamer Club

A community that is integrally linked to the game engine with a  forum for industry participants. It will also help attract potential users to the BNX Metaverse. Club members can give ideas and receive real-time feedback from the team.

Crowdfunding and IGO

Raise funds from the community to support the development and iteration of BinaryX. The plan is to do a global launch and it will also be a platform to incubate and fund new innovative games.

Metaverse Development Fund

A fund dedicated to the growth of the BNX metaverse and the GameFi industry. We offer significant rewards to outstanding projects/game resource providers/gamers to encourage all users to contribute to the BNX community.

How to buy BNX on Binance?

You can buy BNX on crypto exchanges like Binance

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Trade] at the top bar to go to the classic or advanced trading page. In this tutorial, we will select [Classic].

2. Go to the right side of the screen, type “BNX” on the search bar to open up a list of the available BNX trading pairs. Let’s use BNX/BUSD as an example. Click on “BNX/BUSD” to open its trading page.

3. Scroll down to the [Spot] box and enter the amount of BNX you want to buy. You can select different order types to buy BNX (e.g., market order). Click [Buy BNX] to place the order. The BNX you purchased will be credited to your Spot Wallet.