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What is Affiliate Content Program and Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Content Program and Frequently Asked Questions

2021-11-11 13:24

What is the Affiliate Content Program?

Our Binance Affiliate Content Program is designed to help creators of all stripes monetize their content and earn top crypto rewards. Simply by sharing their original content with their audiences, content creators can earn up to $1,800 in BUSD per month, unlimited commission rewards for NFT, Dual and Swap content, as well as capped commission rewards for Fiat and P2P content. With new challenges to choose from every month, Affiliates can find the right topic to showcase their creative talents.

How do I join the Affiliate Content Program?

This program is currently available to all existing Binance affiliates. If you’re interested in joining, simply click the [Submit Content] button on the content program landing page when your content is ready. Remember to check the landing page each month that you would like to participate in order to stay up to date with important announcements, changes and new content topics for the month.
Please note, the content you submit must already be published and must match one of the listed content topics of the month. Ensure you submit the correct link and the current amount of views your content has garnered. Content views and likes are used to calculate the Most Impressive Content reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I include my affiliate link in the content?
Yes, please make sure to include your referral link somewhere in the content. You can also attach your referral link to all CTAs requested in the detailed rules section. For example, (Binance URL) + registration attachment (?ref=) + referral code (IJUID3ZL) =
2. Can I write content on any topic?
No, the content that you create must match one of the listed content topics of the month. You can create content on any of the topics listed for the designated month. Make sure you read your content topic’s detailed rules, including key points, call-to-actions and content format.
3. Can I create content in any format?
Your content can come in any format, including but not limited to: videos, articles and infographics. Occasionally we will request content in a specific format, so click [Detailed Rules] on your chosen topic before you get started.
4. I have already created content on a listed topic. Can I submit the same content?
No. Only content created and posted during the campaign month will be accepted. For example, only content posted between October 1-31st will be accepted for the month of October.
5. Can I create content on more than one topic of the month?
Yes. Creating content on multiple topics will increase your chances of winning and unlocking more content rewards. However, content topics that have a fixed $300 BUSD reward must receive at least an 18/30 on the evaluation scale. Commission based topics are based on your performance and do not require a minimum score.
6. How long can I keep the commission based rewards?
The commission based rewards will be unlocked for eligible content creators who submit content on a commission based topic, including the Fiat and P2P content challenge for a period of 3 months. After 3 months, your commission rewards will be re-evaluated based on your overall performance.
7. Can I create content on topics from the previous month?
No. You cannot create content on topics from a previous month once the content deadline for that month has passed.
8. How do I submit more than one content topic?
We have updated the submission form to allow multiple content topic submissions for the month. Please note that you must submit a content piece for every reward that you would like to get. You can also create content that incorporates multiple content topics.
9. How will my content be evaluated?
A panel of judges in your local region will grade your content across six categories, with each category worth five points for a total of 30 points. To qualify for award consideration, you must score a minimum of 18 out of 30 points. Referral traffic, total views, and total likes will also be taken into consideration when grading your content. Please note that commission based topics are based on your performance and do not require a minimum score.
10. What are the rewards for creating content?
Please take a look at the below chart to see our rewards list.
NFT20% commission
Liquid Swap 15% commission
Dual Investment 3% commission
Fiat $5 for every fiat deposit ≥ $100
P2P$5 for every Binance P2P deposit ≥ $100
Loans $300
Brand $300
Creators are also eligible to receive a reward for the most creative ($500), most viral ($500), and most impressive ($500) content. Each region has its own list of top creators and bonus reward categories.
11. Is there a cap on how much commission that I can make?
There is no commission cap for the commission based rewards. However, there is a cap on the Fiat and P2P content reward model. The budget will be re-evaluated and adjusted based on overall performance. The February budget is set to 48K for Fiat and 3K for P2P, and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.
12. When will I receive my rewards?
After you submit your content, we will notify you by the 15th of the following month. The bonus will be credited to your Spot Wallet. You can check the distribution record via “distribution history” in your Spot wallet. Commission based rewards and additional rewards will also be calculated by the 15th.
13. Can I delete my current Binance Account and register for a new account with a new referral code?
If the system detected a user deleted his account in order to create a new account to benefit from the referral program, Binance reserves the right to terminate all referral commissions from the account.
Please read our blog post for full details, including the rewards and evaluation process.