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How to Use the Binance Affiliate Referral Dashboard Pro

How to Use the Binance Affiliate Referral Dashboard Pro

2023-01-18 06:20

What is the Referral Dashboard Pro?

The Referral Dashboard Pro is an enhanced version of the standard Referral Dashboard. It helps Binance Affiliates to better track and manage their referral data.
The Referral Dashboard Pro consists of 4 sections:
  • Overall Performance Dashboard
  • Referral Management
  • Income Management
  • Campaign Management

How to access the Referral Dashboard Pro?

Please note that the Referral Dashboard Pro is only available to Binance Affiliates. If you are interested in becoming a Binance Affiliate, please apply here.
You can access Referral Dashboard Pro from the Binance website and Binance App.
From the website:
1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Profile] - [Referral] - [Standard Referral].
2. Click [Go to Pro] at the top right.
3. You will be redirected to the Referral Dashboard Pro.
From the App:
1. Log in to your Binance App and go to [Profile] - [Referral].

2. Tap [OK] at the top right.

How to view my Affiliate data?

Dashboard Pro

Here you can view your overall performance as a Binance Affiliate, including:
  • Total referral commission earned (in BUSD-equivalent);
  • Total number of referrals;
  • Total number of referrals traded in the Spot (Margin) and Futures market or completed Mining transactions;
  • Growth trend of the above metrics;
  • The referral commission ratios you set for Spot (Margin), Futures, and Mining referrals
You can use the filters to view data by week, month, or account. You can also find your referral code, link, and QR code on this page.

Referral Management

You can check the growth trend of your referrals. Filter the data by country/region to analyze and optimize your promotion strategy.

Income Management

Under the [Commissions] tab, you can view your commission and bonus data (in BUSD-equivalent) on this page. It displays the commission from your referrals’ transactions, as well as the bonus rewards from the Affiliates-exclusive campaigns.
You can view commission by account breakdown for Spot (Margin), Futures, and Mining transactions.
You can also track the commission type, amount, distribution date, and status. Click [Export] to download the data.
Under the [Bonus] tab, you can view commission bonus progress and distribution history from Affiliates-exclusive campaigns.

Campaign Management

All ongoing Binance campaigns are consolidated under the [Binance Campaigns] tab. You can copy the link to the campaign and share it on your social media or with your community. Your default referral link will be automatically embedded for you to earn commissions.
Apart from sharing Binance campaigns, we recommend you create inspiring content to educate and engage your community, such as tutorial videos and articles. Don’t forget to include your unique referral link in all your Binance-related content to attract more referrals.
Under the [Affiliate Exclusive Campaigns] tab, you can view exclusive campaigns for you to earn bonus rewards.
For example, Binance offers a welcome bonus for all Affiliate’s new referral users. Simply share your referral link or code with your referrals, and they can complete tasks to receive a welcome bonus in Trading Fee Rebate vouchers. You will also earn referral commissions from them.
The Binance Affiliates team is working on developing more features for the Referral Dashboard Pro. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please share them with your Account Manager or contact us via Binance Support.
All Binance Affiliate members agree to be bound by and to accept the Binance Affiliate Program Standard Terms and Conditions.