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How to Top up My Mobile from Binance Pay

How to Top up My Mobile from Binance Pay

2022-09-01 01:12
1. Log in to your Binance App and go to [Pay]. Tap [Mobile Top up].
2. Select the country code and enter the mobile number you want to top up, or select the mobile number from your phone book.
If you have topped up your mobile before, you can select from your recent top-up record.
3. We will automatically identify the network provider. Please make sure the network provider is correct or the top-up transaction will fail.
4. Select the amount to top up.
5. Select the wallet and currency you want to pay with. Review the transaction details carefully before you tap [Continue].
6. Verify the transfer with your 2FA devices, Pay Pin, or Biometric Authentication. You will receive email and SMS notifications once the payment is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for the top-up to complete?
Most network operators will complete the top-up within 15 minutes. However, some can take up to days to complete. You will be notified once the top-up is successful.
2. How to check the status of my top-up?
Go to [Pay] - [Mobile Top Up] and you will see the status of your latest transaction. To view your transaction history, tap [History Records] at the bottom.
3. Why did my top-up transaction fail?
The reason may be:
  • You chose the wrong network provider. The top-up might fail or take more time to process;
  • The number you entered doesn’t support top-up. If you enter a non-prepaid mobile number, the top-up might fail.
4. What happens when the transaction fails?
You will be notified when the transaction fails. Paid funds will be returned to your Funding Wallet. Please note that refunds will be in USDT instead of the currency you converted to payment. This is because we settle payments in USDT with the partner service provider, and the exchange rate varies from time to time.
5. Why does it say my mobile top-up has failed?
For Bangladesh mobile top-ups:
Please note that Bangladesh operators do not allow users to top up to the same number within 5 minutes. Please try again after 5 minutes.
For Vodafone Egypt mobile top-ups:
Please note that Vodafone Egypt limits users from topping up for more than 250 EGP to the same number within 30 days. Please try again later.