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Investors are beginning to get used to the instability that market trends have shown in the past few months. With coins like Celo and Doge showing bearish momentum, holders are on the lookout for new projects with more stable indicators. Raboo is a new meme coin that prioritizes building a United community of meme lovers. With over $1.7 million raised since its first presale Stage, analysts predict it to be one of the best coins of 2024. 

Celo gains momentum amidst ccip integration

Sometime last month, Celo announced the integration of Chainlink’s CCIP protocol for cross-chain interoperability. Celo’s executive director stated that the CCIP protocol will provide better options for developers, founders, and investors. 

Celo’s market value was affected by the instability of the general market. But its recent price trend shows its price has increased by 4.67%, and is now going for $0.5769 per token. 

Doge gains momentum in the past 24 hours

On the 18th of June, Doge was on a downtrend, with its price reaching a low of $0.1140, its lowest since March, 2024. But CoinMarketCap analysis shows that Doge is now trading at $0.1223, with a 3.48% increase in the last 24 hours. 

Doge seems to be under a lot of pressure, as new meme tokens like Raboo, Pepe, and Dogwifhat are getting more attention. Experts believe the decrease in Doge price value was also due to Bitcoin’s instability. 

One of the Doge owners, Billy Markus, showed his frustration on social media, saying, “wow crypto market, you suck.” This was after Bitcoin’s price went down by 3% and fell to $65,400 per token. 

Raboo reaches new heights as it continues to attract investors

Raboo is rising at a fast rate and investors are rallying to the project early enough to get the best gains. The project’s top-tier technology and AI expertise offer holders a safe investment space. Raboo is leading the wave of new meme coins in the crypto space, as analysts predict it to reach a 233% gain during its presale 

Raboo combines artificial intelligence and social-fi features to encourage holders to participate in meme-developing activities. It has an earning system that rewards investors based on the number of activities they engage in. So the more you post or participate, the more you win. 

Why does Raboo’s price continue to increase? It is a project that uses fun and financial educational features to provide traders with a lot of profit. The project is still in Stage 4 of its presale, but it has already reached and surpassed the $1.7 million funding mark. It has gone from an initial price of $0.003 per token in its first presale stage to $0.0048. 

Analysts see this price trend as a testament to Raboo’s promising future. If it continues like this, it is tipped to make 100X on its launch day. Experts advise investors looking to get on the presale surge to do it now, because the earliest birds always make the most profit. Its market trend also shows it is the best coin to invest in now. 

Raboo is going to be the largest AI-themed meme coin in 2024, displacing Dogecoin and Celo from their places.  With over 8,000 registered users and 2,500 token holders, experts predict it to take center stage in the crypto market soon. Raboo is going to serve as the connection between all meme coin lovers around the world. 


Celo and Doge are two profitable coins in the crypto market. They both seem to be showing bullish momentum. But they are both known for fluctuations in price and market value. So, investors are still looking for more reliable projects. Raboo seems to be the name on everyone’s lips. Although it has not yet launched, It is showing signs of a promising project. 

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