The Big Time Founder's NFT Collection II
2021-08-13 12:00 PM (UTC)
Collect and own a piece of Big Time history including VIP passes and collectible card mystery boxes.
Exclusive VIP Pass
VIP passes grant players guaranteed early access to the game. Early Access to the game gives players a head start in earning in-game NFTs, which will consist of limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items.
Gold VIP Pass
Gold VIP passes will give earliest access to the first 1000 players.
in total
499 BUSD
Silver VIP Pass
Silver VIP passess will unlock access to the next 300 players after the Gold tier.
in total
299 BUSD
Jade VIP Pass
Jade VIP passess wil unlock access to the next 8,000 players after the Silver tier.
in total
179 BUSD
Big Time packs
A series of collectible, animated postcards featuring stunning vistas from four different locations in Big Time
Sold Out
Time's End
The last planet at the end of the universe.
9.9 BUSD
The Paradox Forge
Where alien craftsmen harness cosmic power for their own dark purpose.
The Infinity Vault
What terrible secrets are held within its walls?
The Syphon
Where ancient technology draws power from a collapsing star.