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Become a Binance Educator
Learn the ins and outs of the Binance ecosystem, including trading and non-trading products. Get all the knowledge you need to create educational content. Whether you want to become a popular crypto influencer or just teach your family and friends about crypto, this Bootcamp is for you! On top of all that, you can earn exclusive rewards while learning!
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Do you have what it takes to become a Binance expert?
Through a 7-class series, we’ll guide you through the steps to crafting inspiring educational content. You get the necessary tools to educate your family and friends or even build and cultivate a loyal following if that’s what you wish. As you progress through the Bootcamp, you’ll also unlock exclusive rewards and benefits, including extra commission, USDT rewards, and sign-up bonuses. Watch our video to learn more about the program. Please follow the project requirements that you receive in your emails.
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Course Curriculum
With each class, get one step closer to becoming a crypto educator!
Class 1: What does it mean to become a crypto educator
Discover all the incentives you’ll unlock as a Binance influencer
Class 2: Introduction to Binance Trading Products
Learn how to use and promote commission-generating Binance features
Class 3: How to create quality and compelling content
Master the art of crypto content creation for different social channels
Class 4: User-generated content for Non-trading Binance Products
Learn how to generate UGC content for Binance non-trading products
Class 5: How to effectively attract and invite new users
Learn techniques to garner more sign-ups with your referral link
Class 6: How to transform your invitees into active users
Learn how to encourage your invitees to use the Binance platform
Class 7: Tips and tricks from a top Affiliate
Get top insights and tips from an experienced Binance affiliate
Get hands-on with interactive projects
Put your new skills to use and start developing your education and influencer resume
Bootcamp Projects
Class 1 Project
No project: Gain insights on everything Binance has to offer for our affiliates.
Class 2 Project
You must create original content on one of the listed topics and have a total trading volume worth the equivalent of 5 BTC or more.
Class 3 Project
Over a 1-month period, create one content piece that scores at least 20/30 and receives at least 5,000 views. You must pass class project 5 to receive any monetary reward for this project.
Class 4 Project
You must create 3 pieces of original short-form content with at least 1,000 total views for each piece of content. You must pass class project 6 to receive any monetary reward for this project.
Class 5 Project
You must get 8 new KYC registrations within one month. Registrations must be from legitimate users and batch registrations will not be accepted.
Class 6 Project
Turn at least 5 of your KYC registrations to active users over a 1-month period with a trading volume worth at least 3 BTC.
Class 7 Project
No project: Gain exclusive insights from a top affiliate.
How do I access the Bootcamp class videos?
Binance will send the first Bootcamp class video via email and inmail to eligible participants every Thursday of the week. After that, you will receive the rest of the class videos and project instructions every day via email and inmail.
What are class projects?
Each class has its own project where you will have to complete tasks related to the class. Class projects are designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience and increase your understanding of the entire Binance ecosystem inside out. Users who complete all class projects are eligible to receive $3,000 in BUSD. Please note that metrics such as your total number of followers, new referrals, and active referrals are taken into consideration during the evaluation process. If you pass project 3 or 4, but your Binance referral account is inactive, then you may not be eligible to receive a reward for those class projects.
Is there a deadline for completing the class projects?
Yes, participants must complete all class projects within a one month period after receiving the submission form email. The submission form will be sent one day after you receive the class seven email.
Do I have to complete all class projects?
No, you can complete the class projects that you feel comfortable with. However, the more projects you complete, the larger your reward amount. We encourage all participants to try to complete all five projects.
What is the exclusivity pathway?
In order to access all seven class videos, users must agree to promote Binance for a three-month period. If you do not want to go through the exclusivity pathway, you will only have access to class one, two, and four with fewer reward options. Moreover, the maximum reward will only be 500 BUSD.
Do I have to complete the class projects in order?
No, once you have watched all the class videos, you can complete the class projects as you see fit.
Have more questions?
Check out our Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp Guide for additional answers.
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