A Sneak Peek of the CR7 NFT Collection


Get an exclusive preview of Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut NFT collection.

Mark your calendars. The legend arrives on Binance this Friday.

On Friday, November 18 at 09:00 (UTC), some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most iconic moments will be released as NFTs exclusively on Binance. To get you ready for the drop, here are all the details behind Ronaldo’s first-ever NFT collection.

Seven Statues, Seven Moments


  • The collection features seven animated statues with four varying rarity levels: Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Normal (N). 

  • SSR NFTs will feature a Metaverse color while SR, R and N-tier NFTs will come in either a Metaverse or Gold color.

  • Each NFT statue depicts an iconic moment from Ronaldo’s life, from the electrifying bicycle kicks to his humble beginnings as a young boy in Portugal — and soon, they’ll be yours. 

  • Each rarity level will come with its own set of benefits for NFT holders, including a virtual meet and greet, as well as an autographed CR7 statue for SSR NFT holders. 

  • There will be a CR7 Mystery Box Collection reserved for the first 1.5 million new Binance users. Each box contains one of two mystery-box exclusive Ronaldo NFTs in a Stone color. These boxes, along with the NFTs inside, can be resold on Binance NFT’s secondary marketplace.

The Story Behind the Collection

Together with Ronaldo, we’ve planned an unrivaled NFT roadmap. For the first time ever, fans and collectors will have unprecedented access to the legend, from owning a piece of his footballing career to Binance-exclusive fan prizes and experiences.

This first NFT drop is a celebration of Ronaldo’s legacy,  including all the moments you, the fans, have witnessed during his meteoric rise into the halls of football greatness. 

For the eager fans dying to see the designs, you’ll need to wait just a bit longer, we’ll be keeping most of the collection under wraps till launch day on November 18. In the meantime, here’s an exclusive first look at one of the seven statue designs.

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