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How to Share My Binance P2P Advertisements

How to Share My Binance P2P Advertisements

2020-12-04 13:06
You can use the ad-sharing function to share your Binance P2P advertisements with friends and family. Let’s see how to promote your ads.

How to share my Binance P2P ads (non-merchants)?

You can share your P2P ads from the Binance App after publishing them.
1. Log in to your Binance App and go to [Trade] - [P2P]. Tap [Ads] and you can see all the ads you posted.
2. Tap the [...] icon on the ad you want to share and choose [Share Ad].
3. You will see an image with the details of your ad and a QR code. Tap [Save Image] to save it to your phone. You can share it on social media or send it to your friends directly.
Please note that you can still save and share your ad even if the ad is offline. However, users will not be able to place an order when they scan the QR code.

How to share my Binance P2P ads (merchants)?

P2P Merchants can directly share their ads in images, links, and ad codes from the Merchant Portal.
Some of the benefits of sharing your ads include:
  • Sharing your P2P ads on your social network or directly with your contacts to get more exposure and trades;
  • You can hide the ads from the P2P market and share them with your target clients or contacts. Only people with access to your ads will be able to see, and they can directly place orders via the ad link/image/code.
Sharing Format
How to Access the Ad
Click the link
QR Code Image
Scan the QR code using the Binance App or other third-party tools
Ad Code
Go to the P2P Zone on the Binance App and tap [...] - [Ad Sharing Code]. Enter the code and tap [Confirm].
Here’s how to share your ads:
1. Go to the P2P Merchant Portal and click [My ads]. Choose the ad you want to share and click the share icon.
2. Choose your preferred sharing format.
Note: If you want to share the ad with your target clients only, you can change the ad status to [Hidden] first.