• Shentu Chain is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK. It aims to act as the basis where blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications can be built securely.

  • With native in-chain features including Security Oracle, ShentuShield Reimbursement Pool, and a secure programming language (DeepSEA), Shentu is built to ensure the security of different types of blockchain products from development to post-deployment.

  • The CTK token is the native utility token of the platform and is used in the following use cases:

    • Gas consumption for smart contract operations;

    • Staking for network consensus;

    • Rewards for participating in the Security Oracle network;

    • Collateral and reimbursements for ShentuShield;

    • Community voting for decentralized network governance.

  • The project has raised 39.43MM USD from two rounds of private token sales, where 38.00% of the CTK total token supply has been sold at 0.77 USD / CTK and 1.90 USD / CTK.

Key metrics (as at October 22nd 2020)



Token Type

BEP-20 / Native token on CertiK Chain

Binance Launchpool Start Date

October 23rd 2020

Binance Launchpool Allocation

1,500,000 CTK (1.50%)

Initial Circ. Supply

22,100,000 CTK (22.10%)

Total Token Supply

100,000,000 CTK

1. What is Shentu (CTK)?

Shentu Chain is a DPoS blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK. It aims to act as the basis where blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications can be built securely. Key components of Shentu Chain includes:

  • Security Oracle: Guards on-chain transactions and protects crypto projects from malicious attacks by conducting real-time security checks, powered by a decentralized network of operators. More information can be found here.

  • ShentuShield: Offers flexible, decentralized reimbursements of lost, stolen, or inaccessible crypto assets of any blockchain network due to security issues. By leveraging the real-time Security Oracle scores and Shentu Chain’s governance system, a decentralized network of members may provide collateral, receive rewards, and vote on claim requests to protect the blockchain communities. The list of publicly viewable clients can be found here.

  • DeepSEA: A secure programming language and compiler toolbox compatible with Shentu Chain’s virtual machine, along with the Ethereum WebAssembly and Ant Financial’s AntChain.

  • Shentu Virtual Machine (CVM): Fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the CVM enables users to access, check, and incorporate smart contract and blockchain security information. This enables smart contracts to change their behaviors based on the security certificates of other smart contracts. For instance, a lending contract may only provide a loan to a DAO contract if it demonstrates provable security.

Shentu has committed 1,000,000 CTK to be used to fund the BNB Chain ShentuShield Reimbursement Pool, enabling members to protect their assets against losses caused by theft or code malfunction.

2. Economics and supply

2.1 Token sale data

Token Name


Private Sale 1 Allocation

29,000,000 CTK

Private Sale 1 Token Price

0.77 USD / CTK

Private Sale 1 Amount Raised

22,330,000 USD

Private Sale 2 Allocation

9,000,000 CTK

Private Sale 2 Token Price

1.90 USD / CTK

Private Sale 2 Amount Raised

17,100,000 USD

2.2 Token allocation



Binance Launchpool

1.50% of the total token supply

Private Sale 1

29.00% of the total token supply

Private Sale 2

9.00% of the total token supply


10.00% of the total token supply


25.00% of the total token supply

Community Pool

17.50% of the total token supply

ShentuShield Pool

8.00% of the total token supply

CTK token allocation chart
CTK token Release Schedule

3. Shentu's social and community data

Community data

Shentu will initially focus on community building in China, South Korea, North America, and Europe, and will gradually expand to other regions as the project grows.

Current community growth strategies of Shentu include:

  • Working with existing clients to launch ShentuShield Pools.

  • Integrating with major protocols to provide security scores on-chain through the Security Oracle.

  • Working with BNB Chain projects for technical integrations and partnerships.

  • Hosting DeFi tutorials, digital meetups, and giveaways to educate and engage users.

  • Actively communicating with the public via social channels.

Future community growth strategies of Shentu include:

  • Launching ShentuShield yield farming to reward CTK to collateral providers.

  • Partnering with CoinMarketCap and other crypto aggregator sites to integrate security scores and audit report history.

  • Initiating localized Ambassador Programs to hold meetups across the globe.

  • Conducting global online hackathons.

Community and social channels (as at May 13th 2022)