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What is Binance Link Program
Binance Link Program enables enterprise clients to build their business with Binance technology while earning commission from trading fees by leveraging Binance's liquidity and market depth.
Our products
Link and trade
Instantly deliver top-rated crypto link services to your customers with an easy to use plug and play API.
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Exchange Link
Focus on growing your business. We'll take care of your infrastructure needs with an easy, one-time integration.
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Portal Link
Transform your platform into a passive income stream at no extra cost. Binance Portal services your existing audience with dynamic promotional content.
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Widget Link
Integrate the Binance Fiat widget and provide your customers with a safe way to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency from your website.
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Our clients
Trading bot platform
Asset management platform
Game platform
Swap platform
Social trading platform
What are the main advantages of the Binance Link Program
Industry-leading rebates
Escalate your revenue with the highest commission rates on the market.
Unique API functionality
Enjoy unlimited access to exclusive API functions backed by the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.
Tailored solutions
We work to suit your needs, whether you run a crypto exchange, digital wallet or a traditional financial institution.
Our Data
Number of clients
111 Billions
Total monthly trading volume
$ 400,000
Total monthly profit
1. What is the Binance Link Program?
The Binance Link Program supercharges users to build their crypto business with the powerful Binance link API. You can seamlessly integrate the liquidity and market depth of Binance to your platform. Binance also offers different link solutions to fulfill your different needs.
2. How to apply for the Binance Link Program?
You can apply by filling out the Binance Link Partner Application Form.
3. What are the requirements to become a Binance Link partner?
Binance welcomes all users who need to integrate Binance liquidity and market depth and want to build a cryptocurrency business with the help of Binance technology to join the Link Program.
4. What are the benefits of becoming a Binance Link partner?
Binance will provide tailored crypto solutions, fully functional Binance API endpoints, and market-leading rebate rates for you.
5. What is the difference between Link & Trade and Exchange Link?
Link and trade is suitable for trading bots/social trading/algorithm-trading platforms. Binance will provide plug-and-trade API endpoints for you to seamlessly integrate the liquidity and market depth of Binance. Exchange Link, in contrast, is suitable for users who want to build their own trading platforms. Binance will provide support on all back-end technology and security, you only need to develop the front-end of your platform and oversee the daily operations.
6. What is the rebate rate for Binance Link partners?
Binance offers market-leading rebate rates for link partners. For details, please refer to the Binance Link Tier Structure & Benefit System announcement.
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