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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Ana Marković: Foosball Challenge


Main Takeaways

  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Ana Marković's foosball match with goal-linked questions was an experience unlike any other.

  • Don't miss out on the excitement; secure your CR7 NFT and join the community in the ForeverZone for more exclusive content and utilities.

Find out exactly what makes a foosball game between Cristiano and Ana Marković possible!

When it comes to football, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t just have skills on the pitch: he’s got them on the foosball field, too. But, were they enough to match against Croatian footballer, Ana Marković, as they met head to head?

After joining the Binance team in Lisbon, Portugal, the two players - and Binance brand partners - took the chance to get to know each other a little bit better over a game of foosball that we’re excited to share with you today!

Conversations Beyond Goals: The Q&A Twist

First of all, this wasn’t your ordinary game of foosball. Aside from our all-star lineup, we wanted to give the match a significant twist. Each goal scored led to a bowl filled with intriguing questions for them to ask one another.

With Cristiano managing to gain the first point, he took the privilege of asking Ana her first question.

“Which do you prefer to play, a league game or a cup game?”

With enough time for seven points on the clock, Ana and Cristiano covered everything from scoring goals to oversleeping for training and their proudest moments, too. The score was neck and neck, but only one could win and take home the glory of being the Binance foosball champion.

“It was a wonderful experience. My followers know that I am addicted to football, and everybody on the set was also totally in love with football!”

  • Ana Marković

To find out exactly who our winner was, there’s only one way to find out!

[Watch Our Foosball With Ana & CR7 Video Now!]

A One-of-a-Kind Experience for Our CR7 NFT Community

The Foosball Challenge was a fantastic opportunity to understand better what makes our two sporting partners tick. It’s not every day our community gets to learn about Cristiano and Ana’s lives on the pitch in conversation with one another.

At Binance, we’re here to make sure our CR7 NFT community is rewarded with only the best experiences and content around. Bringing together sports personalities like Ana & Cristiano is just one way we help fulfill that promise. 

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The CR7, Binance, and Ana Marković Connection

Our work and content with both Cristiano Ronaldo and Ana Marković help demonstrate the shared merits we all have. For Binance, our main values of hardcore, humility, collaboration, freedom, and focus on users are at the heart of all we do. 

From Cristiano’s early days in Madeira, to Binance's start in 2017, humility and hard work have been consistent in both our remarkable journeys. Ana has also passionately worked on crafting her international footballing career with a hardcore but humble attitude.

“[Cristiano] was super down to earth and a real gentleman!”

  • Ana Marković

Collaboration and freedom are central to all our work, whether that’s on the pitch or off. It’s particularly important for us in creating the NFT collections and unique experiences you all know and love.

As fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ana Marković, there’s plenty in store for you here at Binance. To continue your journey off the foosball table, make sure to join us soon in the ForeverZone too!

Your Invite to the World of Sports NFTs

Our foosball match between Cristiano and Ana wasn’t just a game between friends - it paints the bigger picture of innovation within sports and its community. We invite everyone to delve further into CR7’s vibrant world of NFTs and continue the spirit shown on the table that day! 

So, what are you waiting for? The ForeverZone’s doors are wide open and we look forward to seeing you join us on the pitch.

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