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A Day in a Life of a Binance Angel


Binance Angels (often referred to as guardian angels) help our users get better acquainted with the Binance platform and products. They have busy, demanding days. While some of them are university students or taking a career break, others are full-time employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Aside from that, many are also spouses, partners, parents, hobbyists, athletes, musicians, artists, and more!

To give our readers a deeper understanding of how a Binance Angel spends their day, we asked Angels dubbed DocMarty and Oblivion to walk us through an ordinary day in their life.

Meet DocMarty

Despite coming from an entirely different sector, DocMarty’s passion for blockchain technologies and Web3 is what led him to Binance. He started his journey in crypto in 2017 and became a Binance Angel in March 2022.

During Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, DocMarty was invited as a panelist during the “Meet Your Guardian Angels” panel, where he discussed his role as an important figure in his local Angel community.

Meet Oblivion

A family man and healthcare worker, Oblivion resides in Italy and has been a Binance Angel since August 2021. He has been into crypto since 2012 and was also a miner back when it was still possible to mine Bitcoin on a personal computer.

Mornings Start With… Community Messages!

What does your typical morning as a Binance Angel look like?

DocMarty: I usually wake up at 7:30 am, and the first thing I do is switch off airplane mode on my phone. While we typically get many questions at night, I value my rest!

Once I’m done managing the most critical requests, I’ll check my social media channels and the crypto market figures. Sometimes, I need over 20 minutes to get out of bed.

Oblivion: First thing I think when I wake up is, “Another hard working day is starting!” I start my day by giving my daughter and wife a hug, and looking over my crypto portfolio.

During the mornings, my Angel activity is limited to chat log analysis (security checks), forwarding important Binance announcements to my local community chat on Telegram, and answering user queries.

An Angel by Night, a Healthcare Worker by Day

What do you do for a living? Describe your work day.

DocMarty: I work for a wound-care company as a Business Development Manager in the MENA region. My job is to manage and help our distributors in over 10 countries, and make sure that our factory delivers their orders on time. I’m lucky enough to travel to beautiful countries with my work and interact with many healthcare professionals.

Oblivion: I work for a healthcare company as a Product Specialist. My work day takes place at a hospital where I work closely with doctors, nurses, and patients. Sometimes I’m blessed with seeing beautiful scenarios unravel, such as the birth of a baby. Unfortunately, bad situations do happen too, but I am still happy that I can help make people’s lives better.

How does your experience as Binance Angel fit into your life? Do you make room and time to dedicate to it, and if so why?

DocMarty: The first time I had an opportunity to attend a conference with Binance, I took time off from my daily job to be able to attend – I think that says it all! Being an Angel is fulfilling to me because it means guiding people to more freedom and fairness. 

Oblivion: Being a Binance Angel has been a wonderful experience for me so far – I dedicate a part of my free time to this passion and desire to help users to come closer to the world of crypto and Binance. Of course, my lifestyle as Angel is carefully balanced with my career and family life.

What are the advantages of this lifestyle?

DocMarty: Being a Binance Angel comes with a lot of advantages that are not measurable! Firstly, I’m part of a team full of dedicated people, who unite and support each other daily. We love catching up online or offline.

Being an Angel has brought me many professional opportunities. It also allowed me to be part of the Web3 space from the beginning and contribute to its wider adoption. Meeting like-minded individuals has allowed me to witness both positive and negative experiences of people entering the crypto space, bringing me the knowledge I can use to better contribute to my community. As volunteers, we all have one important thing in common – we are in this because it makes us happy. I can say today that for all these reasons, being a Binance Angel has definitely changed my life.

Oblivion: For me, interacting with other like-minded people is perhaps the best advantage of being part of this community. I enjoy communicating with people around the world who share the same passion as me.

Do you take a break during the day? What helps you relax?

DocMarty: Sometimes when I have too much work, I like escaping for a moment. In such scenarios, I take a long coffee break in the afternoon while playing Hans Zimmer in the background while looking at our Angels communication channels, where I answer user queries and questions.

Oblivion: Of course! I love having coffee and taking a break during the day, but it’s not easy to relax with a baby. I also love listening to symphonic metal when I’m able to catch a break!

What does your evening routine look like?

DocMarty: At 20:00, I’m ready for my CrossFit workout at the gym. With my gym clothes on, I'm ready to sweat and push myself for an hour, together with friends and my coach. I usually do this four times a week.

Some evenings also include a catch-up call with Angels. It’s a casual, family-like conversation where we discuss our roles as Angels, personal challenges, and wins. It’s great to bring the team together like this, even from a distance.

Oblivion: I help my daughter with her homework, cook dinner (I love to cook!), and ensure that the family is set for the evening. Once I’m done, I take some time to check the crypto market and my portfolio before answering more community questions.

What’s your favorite part of your day?

DocMarty: During working days, my workouts are the best moment of the day. But I should say that during the weekend, I like to relax with Netflix and snacks before heading out for a drink with friends in the evening.

Oblivion: The best part of my day is coming home from work and getting a big hug from my daughter.

If you had an additional 12 hours in your day, how would you spend it?

DocMarty: That’s a good question! I think I would meet up more with my friends, and call my parents or my little brother. We usually wait for the weekend because it’s hard to find time after work, so I would definitely go for that. 

During the week, before finishing work, I would take some time to listen to a podcast about crypto and read a few articles. I would also focus on writing my own book on blockchain and crypto.

Oblivion: I would dedicate my extra time to learning more about cybersecurity – since starting my journey with crypto, the importance of implementing security measures has become more evident. It’s a topic that highly interests me.

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