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8 Trading Features Binance Angels Love Using


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Angels are a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about Binance and advancing the crypto cause.

  • Many of our Angels are veteran Binance users who know the ins and outs of all our trading tools. 

  • Hear Angels’ firsthand accounts about their favorite trading features on Binance!

Today, the Binance trading experience is complete with features for every type of user, from beginners to advanced traders. With so many tools across our ecosystem, selecting the right ones can be a daunting task.

To help you pack the optimal toolkit for your crypto journey, we reached out to the Binance Angels — many of whom are long-time Binance users —  to learn all about their favorite features and how they can enhance your trading experience.

Note that Binance Angels are not employees of Binance, but are volunteers who form a community passionate about crypto. Angels do not speak on Binance’s behalf, and their opinions are solely their own.

1. Trading Interface — Parth

One of the things I love is how user-friendly the chart overlays are in both the mobile and web versions of Binance Pro. All indicators and settings are carefully categorized, making it easy for me to get all the relevant analyses without feeling overwhelmed or having to use another platform. 

Plus, the color coding and contrast Binance uses really aid in making charts easy to read, analyze, and play around with. 

2. Bollinger Bands — Kazeem

Bollinger Bands (BB) are a neat tool for when I trade in a ranging market – one where prices are bouncing between a high and a low price level, within a range also known as a price channel. Using BB indicators allows me to make more informed buy and take-profit decisions within the channel. 

I also want to give a special shoutout to the multi-timeframe chart layout! It’s a nice feature that lets me compare trends across different timeframes on one page. 

3. Portfolio Tracking — dml25

The portfolio tracking tools that Binance’s Spot trading service offers are definitely my favorite part. Clicking on any coin in my portfolio opens up a wide range of relevant data and actions, including available trading pairs, asset history, and the ability to buy and sell.  

Best of all, the PNL Analysis page lets me assess my performance and track the ongoing dynamics of my portfolio. 

4. One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) Order — Gideon

I love using OCO orders because of the flexibility this tool provides. In any given trade, I can simultaneously set a stop loss to limit potential losses and a take profit to exit the trade. This strategy helps me avoid risky emotional choices that often arise during trading, such as holding onto an asset for too long or selling prematurely out of fear. 

5. Trendlines and K-lines – Jeff 

Binance’s K-line feature helps me identify key reversal points in the market, depending on the chosen time frames. I like to use K-lines in conjunction with horizontal trend lines to mark support and resistance levels. Both of these combine to form a solid foundation for my daily trading. 

6. Limit and Market orders — Ali 

I use two types of orders depending on the situation: limit and market. I like to set limit orders if I want to buy or sell my crypto at a specific price.

With market orders, I prioritize speed over precision. The price at which my order executes isn’t a big concern. This is particularly helpful when I want to enter or exit a position quickly since market orders execute immediately. 

7. Price Alerts — Kirchanov

I live a busy life, working till 20:00 every day and juggling an assortment of responsibilities. And mind you, the crypto market operates 24/7 so there’s never a second to spare. That’s why the trading feature I use the most is price alerts. 

I can set the coin, price level, and frequency at which Binance notifies me. While I focus on my own personal and professional life, Binance price alerts keep me notified if a specific coin I’ve been eyeing reaches a desired price or falls below a certain threshold.

8. 15-Minute Charts — Ribka

When it comes to trading on Binance, I personally love using the 15-minute chart feature because it suits my trading style. I can quickly see short-term price trends in the market. If you didn’t know, Binance charts can go all the way down to one-second time intervals. 

Trade Responsibly

Remember to always trade within your means. Many of our Binance Angels have been trading crypto for years, honing their skills and developing their own risk management strategies. 

If it’s your first time trading on Binance, or crypto in general, we have hundreds of free articles and guides on topics related to crypto and blockchain available on Binance Academy. Do your research (DYOR) and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge before you put money into crypto. 

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