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Calling all Bitcoin beginners, Bitcoin maxis or anyone else who is keen to learn more about the original cryptocurrency. Introducing our new video series - Bitcoin 101.

We created this series with the mission of helping you navigate the fascinating world of Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrency.

Throughout the series, we break down various aspects of Bitcoin; its origin, the innovative consensus and blockchain technology it is built on and practical use cases. We'll explore purchasing, storing, and securing your Bitcoin, as well as debunking common myths and examining the cutting-edge Lightning Network.

This series is designed for everyone, whether you're just starting to explore cryptocurrencies or you're already a seasoned crypto enthusiast. Our goal is to provide you with the essential knowledge and insights to better understand the complexities of Bitcoin and its ever-growing impact on finance and technology.

Check out the episodes below. Be sure to follow our social media channels and catch the entire series on our YouTube Channel.

Series Overview

Episode One - Introduction to Bitcoin

In the first episode of our Bitcoin 101 series, we'll cover who created Bitcoin, their motivation for developing it and discuss the key benefits. 

Episode Two - How Bitcoin Works

In episode two we dive into how Bitcoin works, exploring the concept of the blockchain, mining, nodes, and the consensus mechanism in the Bitcoin network.

Episode Three - Buying and Storing Bitcoin

In this third video, we discuss buying and storing Bitcoin, covering different platforms like Binance and the various types of wallets you can use to keep your digital currency safe.

Episode Four - Sending and Receiving Bitcoin

We focus on sending and receiving Bitcoin, walking you through the process and highlighting some essential tips to ensure smooth transactions. 

Episode Five - Bitcoin as an Investment

We discuss Bitcoin as an investment, exploring its potential as a digital asset and comparing it to traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and real estate. But of course, no investment is without risks, so we'll cover the key watch-outs you need to be aware of too.

Episode Six - Common Misconceptions about Bitcoin

We debunk some popular misconceptions and misunderstandings about Bitcoin and its technology so you can be better equipped to make informed decisions about using and investing in this revolutionary digital currency.

Episode Seven - Understanding the Lightning Network

In the penultimate episode of this series, we dive into the Lightning Network, a groundbreaking solution designed to improve Bitcoin's transaction speed and scalability. We cover the advantages and potential drawbacks of this second-layer solution that facilitates payment routing. 

Episode Eight - Risks and Challenges

We discuss the risks and challenges associated with Bitcoin and provide tips on how to navigate them responsibly.


Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.

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