Amendment of Binance Japan Privacy Notice

Fellow Binancians,

We are writing to inform you that we are updating Binance Japan’s Privacy Notice. The changes will come into effect on 2024-01-22.

For further details, you may refer to the updated Privacy Notice from the link below.

Note: Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Japan


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Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

Risk Warning

  • Crypto assets are not "legal tender" whose value is guaranteed by the government, such as the Japanese Yen or Dollar. They are electronic data exchanged over the Internet.

  • Crypto assets can incur losses due to price fluctuations. You may lose money if the price of a crypto asset plummets or suddenly becomes worthless.

  • Crypto assets may not trade at the price or volume you ordered due to market conditions or liquidity fluctuations.

  • Cryptographic assets may lose their value due to the failure of the blockchain or other recording mechanisms.

  • If the login information used for electronic authentication is compromised, a third party may misuse that information, which could result in losses to you.

  • If you use a self-managed wallet, etc. and lose your private key or password, you may not be able to use the cryptographic assets you hold and may lose their value.

  • Although the Company manages users' assets separately from the Company's assets, in the event of the Company's bankruptcy, the Company may not be able to return the deposited money or cryptographic assets.

  • Cryptographic assets may be used for payment in lieu only with the consent of the person receiving payment in lieu.

  • The price of crypto assets varies between the purchase price and the sale price.