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Are there any trading fees?
There are no fees to trade OTC. Please speak to our traders to get a live quote for your trade.
What is OTC trading and what are the benefits of trading OTC?
Over-the-counter (OTC) trading takes place between two counterparties as opposed to on an exchange such as the Binance exchange. In the case of OTC trading with Binance, the two counterparties are the user who requested the trade and the Binance OTC desk.

Prices are agreed between these two counter parties and trades take place off-exchange. OTC trading is favoured for larger trade sizes to be discreet and to avoid slippage on the exchange without the need to navigate exchange orderbook liquidity.
What are the requirements to trade OTC?
All users are required to have an account on Binance, complete Identity Verification and existing account deposit / withdrawal limits apply.

For more information on Identity Verification, please click here.
What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?
The minimum trade size for manual OTC trades is USD200k or equivalent. There is no maximum trade size.

For smaller trade sizes, you may get a live quote on Binance Convert here (, or trade using our APIs.

Please contact us for more information if you would like to trade using our APIs.
Is OTC Trading available via API?
Yes. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are supported for OTC trading, please contact us for more information on getting enabled to trade via our API.
How does settlement work and how long does it take?
Settlement of trades are done directly on your existing Binance wallets that you specify, including main or sub-accounts.

Generally, the settlement process takes place immediately after your trade.
What trading pairs or assets are supported?
We support all the 300+ crypto, stablecoin, and fiat pairs listed on the Binance spot market, and any synthetic cross pairs that do not have a direct listing.
Can I trade in fiat currencies?
Trading in crypto-fiat pairs is supported, including USD (BUSD), EUR, GBP and AUD.
How do I deposit/withdraw fiat currencies on Binance?
Fiat currencies supported include USD (BUSD), EUR, GBP and AUD. For more details on fiat deposits and withdrawals on Binance, please refer to this page:
10. What legal terms apply to OTC trading with Binance?
When trading OTC with Binance, users will be subject to the Binance Terms of Use and the Binance OTC Terms. Users may be subject to localized versions of these terms when onboarded to local Binance entities and may be required to accept additional terms and conditions depending on the scope of services offered. Should you have any questions, please contact us.