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How to Redeem Binance Code

How to Redeem Binance Code

2022-01-19 02:24
Step-by-step tutorial 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Step-by-step tutorial 
Binance Code allows simple and secure crypto deposits without fiat or P2P restrictions. Binance Codes can be purchased and traded via distributors and exchange brokers and can be used for payment with merchants.
Once you receive a Binance Code, it only takes a few steps to redeem.

How to redeem Binance Code on the Binance App?

1. Log in to your Binance App and tap [Profile] - [Gift Card] to enter the Gift Card Marketplace.
2. Tap [Redeem].
3. To redeem a Binance Code and credit the fund to your Binance Wallet immediately, tap [Redeem Binance Gift Card or Code].
4. Enter the redemption code and tap [Redeem]. The funds will be credited to your Binance Wallet immediately.

How to redeem Binance Code on the Binance website?

1. Log into your Binance account and go to the Gift Card homepage.
2. Enter the Binance Code under [Redeem] to redeem the crypto to your Wallet.
1. Where can I access Binance Code?
Binance Code can be purchased and traded via distributors and exchange brokers and can be used for payment with merchants. They can be redeemed and credited to your Funding Wallet via the Binance App or website.
2. Are there any fees for redeeming the codes?
Redeeming Binance Codes are free of charge at the moment.
3. Will the Binance Code expire?
Binance Codes do not have an expiration date.
4. What currencies do the Binance Code support?
Binance Code supports most of the cryptocurrencies listed in the Binance Funding Wallet. Fiat currencies are not supported.
5. Can Binance Code be redeemed partially?
No, the codes can only be redeemed in full amount. Once redeemed, the crypto will be fully credited to your Binance Funding Wallet.
6. What is the difference between the Binance Code and the reference number?
The Binance Code is used to redeem the crypto asset to your account. It should be kept private as anyone with the code can redeem it.
The reference number is used to check the balance and the status of the code. It can be shared with another user to check whether the code has been redeemed or not.
Important Note and Disclaimer:
Binance reserves the right to change the terms for Binance Code at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant. The fees mentioned in this article are subject to change without further notice. Please refer to the English version for the most updated fees.