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How to Customize Binance Futures Trading Interface

How to Customize Binance Futures Trading Interface

2021-07-07 10:05
Tutorial Video
Binance Futures trading platform provides customizable charting functions and trade tools that allow you to decide on every detail of the platform’s look and feel. You can choose a unique appearance to display the elements you need for trading.

How to customize your Binance Futures trading interface?

Go to the Binance Futures trading interface and click on the [Settings] icon.
This panel allows you to customize the appearance of your trading interface, including [Theme], [Color Settings], and [Layout].
  • Theme: Select between dark mode and light mode;
  • Color Setting: Select between [Traditional] and [Fresh] to change the color of your candlestick charts, order book, Time and Sales data, and order-entry buttons;
  • Layout: Select between [Order Mode] and [Multiple Charts] to customize the layout of your charting functions and order-entry fields.
There are two modes under [Layout]:
1. [Multiple Charts] allows you to display multiple price charts within the interface. You may choose to display up to 6 charts simultaneously.
2. [Order Mode] lets you choose between [Pro] and [Fullscreen].
  • [Fullscreen] mode offers a simplified appearance for novice traders. Trading elements are fixed and non-customizable, displaying default views of standard items and information. Additionally, it displays a two-sided order-entry panel — buy-order field on the left, sell-order field on the right — giving you a similar interface to Spot trading.
  • [Pro] mode displays advanced trading elements that are customizable, such as order-book, price chart, and market depth. You can select the various trading elements to be displayed on your interface. For example, if you wish to enable the quick trading functionality, turn on the feature by clicking on the button.
The modules on the Binance Futures trading interface are also customizable. You can adjust the order book, Margin Ratio, or Positions & Open Orders panel by size, which means you can enlarge or decrease the size of each module to your liking.
Modules can also be added, removed, and reorder across the interface. Simply drag and drop them across the platform to create your unique look and feel.
You can also load your favorite modules, including your watchlists of favorite markets, from the [Markets] library. For example, you can see which contracts are experiencing significant movement or are currently trending.

How to customize the Positions and Open Orders panel?

The Positions and Open Orders panel shows detailed information of all your trades, including open positions, real-time profit or loss, and a history of your transactions. This panel is also customizable. For example, you can customize the display of your position details such as the notional size, take profit and stop-loss orders.
Additionally, this section also allows you to enable position monitoring features, such as the Auto-Develeraged Liquidation (ADL) indicator, and the close-all positions function. To enable the display of the respective functions or information, simply tick the corresponding checkbox under the [Positions Preference] tab.
You can control how the position data is ordered in the panel. Click [Sort] under the [Positions Preference] tab to drag the position data icons up or down to arrange.