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How to Complete Entity Verification on Binance? A Step-by-Step Guide

2018-09-10 08:01

1. Register a Binance account or log in to your existing account.

A. If you do not have a Binance account:
i) Click [Sign up for an entity account] on the Binance homepage.
ii) You can use your Email/Phone Number to register your entity account.
iii) Enter the entity name and choose the Legal Form of your Entity. Click [Next].
iv) Enter your email or phone number and create a secure password. Click [Create Entity Account].
  • Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter and one number.
  • If you’ve been referred by a friend to register on Binance, make sure to fill in their Referral ID.
iv) You will receive a 6-digit verification code on your email or phone. Enter the code within 30 minutes and click [Submit].
v) You have successfully created an entity account. You will be automatically prompted to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Choose [Phone Number Verification] or [Binance/Google Authenticator] and follow the instructions to set it up.
vi) After enabling 2FA, click [Verify Now] to start the Entity Verification process.
B. If you have an existing unverified Binance account:
i) Click [Log In] on the Binance homepage.
ii) Go to [Profile] and click [Verify Now] under [Complete Enterprise Verification].
Please note that if your email has already been linked to a Personal Account, it cannot be upgraded to an Entity Account. Please make sure that you submit the Entity Verification with an unverified account.

2. You will now enter the entity verification process.

2.1 Click [Verify] to start.
2.2 Enter your [Entity Name] as displayed on the official corporate documents and answer the questions, including the registered country/region, the legal form, Nature of Business, and the shareholding structure, etc.
Important Note:
Please answer the questions carefully. If you would like to change the registered country/region, the legal form, nature of business or the shareholding structure, you will be required to start the entity verification from the beginning.
Before starting the verification process, you will also need to prepare the corporate documents shown on the pop-up checklist. The checklist will be displayed based on your registered country/region, the legal form, nature of business and the shareholding structure. You might select [Print Full List] to print the checklist for reference.
Note: The required corporate documents will be different based on your country/region, the legal form, nature of business and the shareholding structure you choose. The following screenshots are examples only. Please refer to the actual list, specific to you, on the verification page.
3. Generally, the Entity Verification includes 4 main steps:
  • Basic Information
  • Related Parties
  • Upload Documents
  • Fiat Enablement (optional)
3.1 Basic Information
3.1.1 Fill in the account information, including the Entity Name, Registration Number, Date of Incorporation, and click [Confirm].
3.1.2 Fill in the Entity Address section, including the Registered Address, Operating Business Address.
3.1.3 Fill in the Source Declaration section, including the Source of Capital, Source of Wealth, and Source of Funds.
3.1.4 Fill in the Additional Information section, including the Purpose of Application, Contact Number, Company Website (if any).
3.1.5 After completing the Basic Information section, click [Complete] to proceed.
3.2 Next, complete the Related Parties section. You may click [Save as Draft] any time during the verification process.
3.2.1 Enter the basic information of the Director or equivalent person.
3.2.2 Enter the basic information of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) (if any).
3.2.3 Enter the basic information of the Significant Controller(s).
3.2.4 Enter the basic information of the Authorized Account Trader(s).
3.2.5 Choose an Authorized Account Trader as the main trader to perform the facial verification in the next step. Click [Verify Now] to proceed.
3.2.6 Open your Binance App to scan the QR code and complete facial verification on your phone. Alternatively, click the screen icon on the bottom right to complete the verification on your computer.
Please do not wear hats or glasses, and do not use filters. All photos must be taken under sufficient lighting.
If you have completed facial verification on your Binance app, click [I have completed this on my phone].
3.2.7 Generate the Letter of Authorization. Sign and upload it, then click [Confirm].
3.2.8 Click [Complete] to proceed to the next section.
3.3 Upload Documents
3.3.1 Upload the required documents according to the list shown on the page.

Note: The required documents will be different based on your country/region, the legal form, the nature of business and shareholding structure you choose. The following images are examples only. Please refer to the actual list, specific to you, on the verification page.
3.3.2 Click [Complete] to proceed.
3.4 Fiat Enablement (optional)
3.4.1 If you require fiat services, fill in the questions under the Fiat Enablement section and click [complete] to submit.
Please note that if you would like to apply for fiat services in the future, you may go to the User Center to enable them under [Identification] at any time.
4. After completing all the sections, click [Submit].
5. Read and agree to the declaration. Check the box next to [I/we understand and agree to the declaration] and click [Submit].
6. Your application has been successfully submitted. You will be notified once the review is complete.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What documents are required for the Entity Verification?
Before you begin the entity verification process, you will be required to choose your organization’s registered country/region, legal form and type. The system will generate a checklist of your required corporate documents based on the details provided.
2. Why was my application rejected?
Please click the [Edit Information] button to view the relevant rejection reason(s). If your application was rejected, please submit your application again, taking into consideration the rejection reason(s). We will prioritize the review of your new application and respond within 15 business days.
3. Do I need to submit all documents in English?
Currently, we support Bulgarian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, and Korean languages in addition to English. If the corporate documents are in other languages, please provide a notarized English translation with apostille seal along with the original documents.
4. I submitted the application a while ago. Why haven’t I received any feedback?
You can check the status of your entity application from [Identification]. Please check your email as we may have contacted you for additional documents.
5. Can I apply for a second Entity Account?
Each company can only apply for one Entity Account. We provide a sub-account feature for Entity Accounts. Once your verification is approved, you will be able to open sub-accounts.
6. How can I get a higher withdrawal limit?
If you want to get a higher daily withdrawal limit, please contact your VIP account manager or reach out to the Customer Service team via Chat.
7. How can I get fiat access for the Entity Account?
1) For entity applications submitted before April 26, 2022, please upload the following documents in the [Identification] section to upgrade your account for fiat access:
  • Entity Proof of Address.
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) Proof of Address.
  • Company website or social media link (if any).
  • How do you intend to fund the fiat account? (For example, with trading capital of the company, customer’s money, company profit, etc.)
  • Which fiat currencies do you intend to use? (e.g., EUR/GBP/USD/AUD/BRL)
  • Expected monthly fiat deposit/withdrawal volume (in the desired currency).
2) For entity applications submitted after April 26, 2022:
A. You would be able to apply for fiat access during the Entity Verification process.
B. If you have completed the crypto verification first and would like to apply for fiat services in the future, you may go to the User Center to enable it under [Identification]. Please submit the following information to upgrade your account for fiat access
(The deposit/withdrawal limit may vary based on the documents you provide.):
  • What are the sources of capital for your company? (e.g., capital injection from UBOs)
  • Expected monthly fiat deposit/withdrawal volume (in EUR)
  • Which fiat currencies do you intend to use?
  • Source of wealth of the applying entity (eg. Financial statement or Annual Report)
8. What documents do you accept as Proof of Address?
We accept the following address verification documents, issued within 90 days:
  • Bank statements - with transaction history. We also accept digital bank statements. You can send us the original .pdf file and cover the sensitive information, such as transaction details.
  • Utility bills - such as electricity, water, fixed internet or phone bills, etc. We do not accept mobile phone bills and insurance letters.
  • Government-issued documents - such as letters from government agencies, tax bills, etc.
  • For more information, please refer to How to Verify My Residential Address on Binance.
In the event that we require further clarification or documentation, you will receive an email from Please provide the supplementary documents via email.
9. Which fiat currencies do Binance support for corporate users?
Currently, we support USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and BRL deposits and withdrawals for corporate users. However, EUR and GBP channels are closed at the moment until further notice. You can complete advanced Entity Verification first so that once the EUR/GBP channels are online, you can start using them immediately.