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Corporate Account Application FAQ
2018-09-10 08:01

Q1. How can I apply for a Corporate Account?

Please log in to your Binance account and visit the following link to start the Corporate Account verification process:

Log in to your account, select “Switch to Enterprise account”, click “Got it” to confirm you are aware that an account may not be verified as both Personal and Corporate, then click “verify”.
1. Please fill in the basic information page, then click the "Continue" button. Kindly note you can also save a draft during the verification process.

2. Please upload the corporate documents based on the requirements, then click the "Continue" button.

3. Please fill in the information of the directors, then click the “Continue” button.
1) For IDs, please upload a passport copy or ID card that will prove the nationality/jurisdiction (driver’s license is not accepted).
2) For selfies, please upload photos in their natural form and do not provide screenshots or photoshopped/filtered images.
3) We support jpeg/jpg and png format for the photos.

4. Please upload the information of the UBOs (ultimate beneficial owners) and click the “Continue” button.

5. Please provide the information for the authorized trader(s) and click the “Continue” button. Kindly note only the main trader is required to complete facial verification in the next step.

6. Please click “Begin Verification” to start the facial verification of the main trader. If you would like to do it on your phone, please click “use mobile phone” and scan the QR code with the scan function of the Binance App.

7. Please make sure you understand the declaration and click the “Continue” button.

8. You have submitted the application successfully.
Q2. What documents are required for a corporate account application?
1. A copy of the original Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration.
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association / Constitution / By-laws / Operating Agreement.
3. A letter of authorization. Please issue a letter of authorization to Binance and indicate the Binance login email, applicant’s position, authorizing the applicant to operate a Corporate Account on behalf of the company. Note that it must be dated within the past three months. If the company has only one director, then the Letter of Authorization may be signed by that sole director. If the company has more than one director, it should be signed by at least two directors. If using a template, ensure that it is customized to fit your own situation.

4. An official Company Report or Government Documents which were issued within the last 12 months, including:
a). A list of current directors (natural person),
b). A list of ultimate beneficial owners (natural person), and their percentage of holdings, etc.
5. An ownership structure.
6. A link to the government website that contains your company details, allowing verification of the registration’s authenticity. If there is no searching function on the government website for the company details, please provide a Certificate of Good Standing which was issued within the last three months instead.
7. A full screenshot from the government website, which contains the current company details. Kindly also make sure the system clock & date on the desktop are included.
8. Valid passport copies/IDs of the directors, UBOs, and traders.
9. Recent selfies of the directors, UBOs, and traders.
10. A Sanctions Questionnaire.
Q3. Why was my application for a Corporate Account rejected?
Please click the “Verify” button to view the relevant rejection reason(s). If your application was rejected, please submit your application again, in full, taking into consideration the reason supplied. We will prioritize the review of the new application within seven business days.
Q4. Do all documents need to be submitted in English?
Right now, we support Bulgarian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish. If the corporate documents are in other languages, please provide the original documents together with official English versions.
Q5. When I try to apply for a Corporate Account, it shows “You have passed the authentication” and doesn’t allow me to complete the application.
If your email has already been linked to a Personal Account, it cannot be upgraded to a Corporate Account. Thus, please make sure that the applicant is eligible, and ensure that you submit the Corporate Account application with an unverified account.
Q6. I have submitted the application long ago, but I haven’t received any feedback or notification.
The status of a Corporate Account application can be found in the User Center of your Binance account. Please also monitor all folders in your inbox, as we may contact you for additional documents.
Q7. May I apply for a second Corporate Account?
Each company may only apply for one Corporate Account. In addition, we do not support deleting a verified corporate account for unreasonable requests at the present time. Kindly note we provide a sub-account feature for your convenience. Once your account completes Corporate-level verification, you will be granted access to sub-accounts.
Q8. How could we get a higher withdrawal limit?
To qualify for Level 3 verification with a daily withdrawal limit of 200 BTC or more, you must maintain a trading volume greater than 1,000 BTC (in value) within a rolling 30-day period. If you meet this requirement, please open a support ticket using the “Help with Account” option, then select “Increase withdrawal limit”. We will aim to evaluate the status of your account within 3 business days. You may monitor your verification level and withdrawal limit for an update.
Q9. How could we get fiat access once corporate verification is completed?
Please note that for fiat access, you will have to contact us to perform due diligence in accordance to fiat requirements. You may need to prepare the following documents. Please, please email us for more information:
Standard Questions
  1. Entity Proof of Address collection.
  2. UBO Proof of Address collection.
  3. Company website or social media link.
  4. How do you intend to fund the fiat account such as(trading capital of the company, customer’s money, company profit, etc.)
  5. Which fiat currencies do you intend to use?
  6. Expected monthly fiat deposit/withdrawal volume(in desired currency).
Q10. Which fiat currencies do we support for corporate users?
Binance now supports eligible corporate accounts for USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, AUD, and BRL deposits and withdrawals. Corporate account users can purchase cryptocurrencies with USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, AUD, and BRL on
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