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Binance Update 2017/09/06

2017-09-06 11:02

Hi Everyone,

In accordance with the recent notice from China PBoC and requests from various government offices, Binance will make the following adjustments:

  1. Per requests from their respective core teams, we will suspend trading and deposit services of the following tokens: HCC, LLT, ELC, BTM, YOYO.  Withdrawal will continue to work.  Each team will announce the refund plan of their tokens.
  2. We will restrict all Chinese IP addresses from trading.  They will continue to be able to visit the user center and make withdrawals.
  3. Binance will perform a system upgrade from 2017/09/07 00:00 (Beijing Time).  The upgrade is expected to last 2-3 hours.  We will suspend registration, login, deposit, withdraw and trading during the upgrade.  We will try to shorten the downtime as much as possible.  The above 2 changes will be in effect after this upgrade.

Going forward, Binance will refocus and redouble our efforts in servicing our international audience, which currently accounts for 82.5% of our user base (according to Alexa).  We will also speed up listing of popular western coins.  We want to thank the communities for supporting us, and will list 5 coins from the voting list.  Details will follow.

As always, thank you for your strong support!

Binance Team