Below, I've listed the projects I believe could blow up in 2023. 

Starting with my pick for the overall best crypto presale to invest in, this list can be found below.

  • #Wall Street Memes (#WSM ) – Brand new high-potential meme crypto presale that leverages its million-strong social media community and proven track record of success in the space. The trending presale has already raised more than $11.5 million in just five weeks since it launched.

Thug Life (#THUG ). Newly launched meme token cryptocurrency presale with fair launch and gathering momentum in the space after raising more than $150k within 48 hours of launch.

  • yPredict (#YPRED) – AI-powered tool with a range of features, next-gen data, insights and metrics to help traders maximize earnings. Also allows developers to sell their predictive models. $2.6m raised since launching with 33.3% price increase before listing.

  • Launchpad XYZ (#LPX) – Launchpad XYZ is a new crypto presale project that is developing a portal that aims to drive mass adoption from Web2 to Web3. Its platform will act as a gateway for users, simplifying the space and providing a vast array of info and data. $1 million raised during the presale so far.

  • Chimpzee (#CHIMPZ) – Presale project allowing users to earn passive income in a variety of ways while simultaneously helping fight climate change and deforestation through a percentage of profits being donated. $650k has been raised in the presale at the time of writing.

  • Ecoterra (#ECOTERRA) – Eco-friendly crypto presale that will allow users to earn tokens for recycling household waste such as plastic bottles – tokens can then be sold on exchanges or reinvested to fund other green projects. More than $5.6 million raised so far.

  • Scorpion Casino (#SCORP) – Earn up to $10,000 in daily passive staking through casino revenues, which rise with increased Casino adoption and usage. The presale for $SCORP tokens – which are used to play on the platform – has now raised $450k.

  • eTukTuk (#TUK) – Upcoming token presale of a sustainable, Cardano-based project that is building EV charging stations and reducing carbon emissions – the presale is not yet open but whitelist spots are.

  • DeeLance (#DLANCE) – Newly launched presale project that will allow the freelance economy to become quicker, more transparent and more secure, by using blockchain technology to cut out the middleman and offer cheaper fees. More than $1.5m raised since launch.

  • Pikamoon (#PIKA) – Premier Pokemon-themed crypto presale to invest in 2023. According to the creators, Pikamoon’s early investors can earn up to 200% before the exchange listing – $3.5 million raised in the presale, which is now in its final stage.

  • Anarchy Coin (#ANA) – Meme coin aiming to start a financial rebellion against deep-rooted inflation, government inefficiencies, and corruption in established monetary systems. It offers a DAO model alongside deflationary tokenomics with a 0.5% burn on every transaction.

  • Mooky (#MOOK) – Meme crypto presale offering a solution to environmental challenges. The presale offers investors a step towards preserving our planet, made possible through a robust digital ecosystem offering exclusive NFTs. Closing in on $1 million raised.

  • Merix Coin (#MERIX) – Decentralized referral marketing platform that allows all users to benefit from networking with other individuals and businesses.

  • Arealeum (#ARE) – An investment ecosystem where tokens represent shares in promising projects ranging in everything from real estate to green energy and startups.

  • Epnoc (#EPN) – Upcoming cross-chain crypto exchange and NFT marketplace that combines a CEX and DEX and offers trading tools for investors.

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