• Will Bitcoin continue its downward movement?

  • If Bitcoin closes below the daily support of $26,400, what is the target for the decline?

  • Will Bitcoin fall to the level of $25,200?

What will happen to Bitcoin in the future? Which levels should Bitcoin investors follow? Current Bitcoin analysis!

Medium-Term Bitcoin Price Analysis!

12 Hour Bitcoin Price Chart

When we examine the Bitcoin price chart in a 12-hour time frame, it continues to move below the important support level of $26,600.

In our previous Bitcoin analyses, we stated that if the BTC price falls below the $27,100 level and closes below this level, the target for the decline would be $26,600.

When we examine the current Bitcoin price chart, it continues to move below the $26,600 support level. The Bitcoin price is currently moving at the level of $26,333.

If the Bitcoin price manages to close above the $26,600 support level as mentioned in the Bitcoin price analysis, it may want to start the uptrend from this level.

As long as the BTC price stays above the $26,600 level, the next uptrend target will be $28,000.

If the BTC price stays below the $26,600 support level, the target for the decline will be $25,200.