Solana (SOL): Impact of Proof of History on Its Network

Solana (SOL) is considered one of the fastest cryptocurrencies on the crypto market. The scalability of its blockchain comes from its hybrid consensus model of proof of stake (PoS) and proof of history (PoH).

PoS is already well known in the blockchain industry, but what about PoH? Do you know what this consensus model is? When Solana's network is not paralyzed or being hard-pressed by some NFT games, it can show great scalability, solving one of the great annoyances of crypto investors.

The need for a fast network increases every day with the arrival of new users to this market, and the consensus model of each cryptocurrency is responsible for ensuring that the altcoin does or does not conform to this demand.

Proof of history, the consensus idea introduced by Solana, may be able to provide this functionality, as it allows faster processing times and lower transaction costs than older consensus models.