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Introducing the Binance P2P Block trade zone


It’s our pleasure to announce the newest innovative feature from Binance P2P. Today, we’re introducing the Block Trade Zone for our users in Nigeria.The Block Trade zone is a section of the Binance P2P app that allows for high volume traders access to sufficient liquidity, to buy and sell large amounts of BTC, USDT, ETH, BUSD etc. The transaction limits per order in the Block trade zone starts at 5 Million NGN to 200 Million NGN.The Block trade zone is currently only available on our mobile app and can be accessed by tapping on the drop-down as shown below.


The Block Trade Zone Interface

The Block trade zone features an interface that’s unique and tailored towards the VIP, high-volume trader. 

Block Trade Merchants

Block trade merchants who provide the liquidity in the zone have a Diamond badge to show their Block trade merchant VIP level.

Block trade merchants also go through rounds of verification to make sure that they’re well qualified for the block trade zone. We have high standards for Block merchants and some of the requirements are listed below:

  • $10k+ BUSD security deposits

  • At least 80% completion rate

  • Average transaction size of $2500

  • Training on how to make the best use of the Block trade zone

When trading with merchants in the Block trade zone, you can be rest assured that you’re trading with the best Binance P2P have to offer.


  • Block trade zone launches In Nigeria to service traders that want to buy and sell a high volume of crypto

  • Users can Buy and Sell from 5 Million NGN to 200 Million NGN per transaction

Block trade merchants are highly vetted and qualified businesses that can cater for the volume required in the zone.