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Getting Started With Cryptocurrencies: Join the ‘Newbie Walkthrough’ By Binance


Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider is hosting a webinar series for newbies aimed at providing an introduction to cryptocurrency and support on how to use the Binance platform - ensuring beginners have access to the right information about the workings of the crypto ecosystem. 

Binance remains at the forefront of blockchain education in Africa, increasing adoption of crypto on the continent through educational campaigns and masterclasses. Just recently, the blockchain company successfully educated over 400,000 Africans about crypto fundamentals, practical tutorials on how to set up a crypto account - and buy & sell crypto, technical analysis and avoiding scams. 

Every Wednesday and Friday at 5PM WAT (GMT+1), Binance hosts a newbie walkthrough where attendees will be provided with on-the-spot assistance by the Binance team on navigating the Binance platform and understanding the basics of crypto.

The series intends to help crypto enthusiasts take advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the crypto space. 

  • Register HERE

  • Dates: September 15th and 17th (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Time: 5PM WAT, 6PM SAST, 7PM EAT (Weekly)

  • Venue: ZOOM ID 822 2963 1603 

What to expect:

  • Learn the basics of cryptocurrency 

  • Learn how to navigate the Binance platform

  • Learn about the easiest ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies 

  • Learn about Earn, Staking and Futures products and how to use them.

  • Be equipped with knowledge on making passive/active income through crypto

  • Learn how to navigate P2P and make profits. 

Stand a chance to qualify for our weekly cashback of up to $5 on our first trade after each session. 

Our educational project Binance Academy has prepared a series of informative articles and guides that will help you start your crypto journey in no time. Ready to dive deep into the world of cryptocurrency trading? We recommend starting with the Binance Beginners Guide. 


See you soon,

Binance Team