Binance West African Team Hosts First Super Meetup Of The Year in Lagos, Nigeria


Major Takeaways

  • Binance held its first super meetup of 2023 in the city of Lagos, to educate and network with the local crypto community.

  • Almost 1,000 attendees were educated on the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, at the event and live on Youtube.

  • This event covered an introduction to blockchain & cryptocurrency, lessons on Binance products, and featured products from Trust Wallet and Cashlink, as well as panel sessions and Q&As with KOLs and members of the Binance Team.

The Binance West African team organized the Lagos super meet-up on January 14, 2023. Attendees had the opportunity to receive first-hand education on cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as insightful discussions on Binance products.

Binance commenced another year in its mission to drive crypto education and adoption by hosting a super meetup in the megacity of Lagos, Nigeria. This meetup is the first of many to follow in Nigeria this year 2023.

This event which kicked off at 11 AM UTC+1, on January 14th, was hosted at The Zone in Gbagada, Lagos city; and was also streamed live. In total, this event got coverage of over 1,000 people online and offline.

Event Highlights

Live Customer Feedback

The event started with Chidubem Emelumadu from the Binance West Africa PR & Comms team taking product feedback from our users. Binance is all about our users and our community, so we made sure to start this event by providing support to the already-existing users in our community.

Introduction to Blockchain, Crypto, and Use Cases

The main event kicked off as Olubunmi Fabanwo, Binance West Africa Affiliate Manager, introduced the audience to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as their use cases for Nigerians. Crypto has a lot of day-to-day use cases which solve some problems for the average Nigerian.

Olubunmi used this session to address some common financial pain points and how crypto and blockchain can be applied in these cases.

Insight into Binance Products

Next, Benjamin Nsikan, Binance West Africa Community & Events Manager, introduced the audience to some common Binance products. Binance is spearheading worldwide crypto adoption through the various products in the Binance ecosystem. Benjamin gave some insights on how these product features add value to the average Nigerian.

Products talked about in this event include Binance Pay, Binance Earn, Binance P2P, and also acquired products like Trust wallet.

We also had a representative from the Cashlink team talk to our audience about the Cashlink product. Emeka Dimkpa gave the audience a live walkthrough of the Cashlink fiat gateway which lets users directly deposit and withdraw NGN to and from their Binance account.

Panel Session featuring our KOLs

We also had a panel session with our Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and other guest speakers on stage, to speak with our audience. In attendance were Solafunmi Sosanya, founder of Wealthmoney, Rume Ophi, Founder of Cryptopreacher Blockchain Academy, Tola Fadugbagbe, Founder of CryptoMasterclass, Betty Irabor, Founder of Genevieve Magazine and many other influential figures in the crypto and blockchain industry.

We also had an insightful Q&A session in which our audience was satisfied with the answers they got from our team members and panelists present. The audience got the opportunity to network with themselves and their favorite crypto influencers.

Lots of Swags and Giveaways

There were a lot of swags and other freebies given away to the audience. This includes Binance kits and other merchandise & freebies from featured products like Trustwallet and Cashlink.

The Binance West Africa Team Mission 

Through events like the Binance super meetup in Lagos, Binance aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts and newcomers in West Africa to meet and learn. The goal is to educate the West African crypto community about the opportunities provided by web 3 and blockchain technology.

How to Get Involved

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