Binance Heads to Tanzania, Uganda for More 2023 East Africa Meet-ups


Main Takeaways

  • After our first East Africa meet-up of 2023 in Machakos, Kenya, Binance headed to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Mbarara, Uganda for more meet-ups in the region.

  • This also marked the first time we had held a meet-up in Tanzania.

  • Hundreds of crypto enthusiasts joined the Binance East Africa team and Binance Angels to learn about blockchain technology and Web3.

On January 14 2023, Binance held meet-ups in Uganda and Tanzania, with the meet-up in Tanzania being the first of its kind. The goal of both events was to empower crypto newbies and enthusiasts with the right knowledge on blockchain. 

Meet-up in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

The Dar es Salaam meet-up — Binance’s first in Tanzania — was an offline educational event that introduced people to the world of cryptocurrency, as well as the Binance ecosystem. The event attracted about 160 attendees with a keen interest in blockchain technology. Attendees participated in Binance Kahoot games, with over 40 winners receiving Binance Swag.  

Meet-up in Mbarara, Uganda 

The Binance team also organized a meet-up in Mbarara City, Uganda’s second largest city after Kampala. At this educational event, attendees got the chance to receive first-hand education on crypto and blockchain and attend in-depth sessions on Binance products.

Also in attendance were Binance Angels who got to narrate their experiences in the Binance Angel program, leading to exciting discussions and participants expressing interest in applying for the program. 

The Binance team in East Africa is committed to providing more people with access to the necessary information and tools to use digital assets and blockchain. Our goal is to empower crypto newbies and enthusiasts in the region with the right knowledge about blockchain technology and how to use it as a tool to achieve financial freedom.

It’s Just the Beginning for 2023 Community Meet-ups

The recent community meet-up in Machakos, Kenya was merely the first of many more such events to come in East Africa this year.

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