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Binance Gift Cards: Learn & Earn Series (Round 1 Recap)


We hope you enjoyed learning about Binance Gift cards: Learn & Earn series. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what we covered last week.

Also, be sure to complete the quiz below and win up to $10 in BUSD.  Follow Binance Africa on Facebook and Twitter.

What are Binance Gift Cards?

Binance Gift Cards are digital crypto gift cards that let anyone send and receive crypto anywhere in the world – at zero fees.   

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What are 3 use cases for #Binance Gift card?

 🔸For Gifting

🔸For Crypto Transfers

🔸Automating monthly payroll process

Learn more here.

How can non-Binance users claim their Gift cards?

If a non-Binance user wants to redeem their gift card, they’ll need to sign up for an account and complete the identity verification process.

Learn more here.

What are physical Binance gift cards?

Physical Binance Gift Cards allow users to securely load up a physical gift card that your recipient can easily redeem without extra fees.

Learn more here.

What are NFT gift cards?

NFT gift cards are digital gift cards that contain NFTs instead of fiat currencies.

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If you engaged in the Binance Gift Card quiz, here are the answers:

1. With Binance Gift Card, you can:

Answer: All are correct

2. Can Non-Binance users claim their Gift cards without signing up for an account?*

Answer: False

3. Physical Binance Gift Cards support over:

Answer: 270+ cryptocurrencies

4. Which of these statements is NOT true about Physical Binance gift cards?

Answer: Recipients CAN redeem Physical Binance gift cards without extra fees

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