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Binance Event Highlights in Africa - Week 10 2023 (Mar 12 - Mar 18)


Main Takeaways

  • Binance held two “Women in Crypto” events in the East African cities of Kampala, Uganda, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as celebrations in the month of International Women’s Day continue.

  • Binance held two meet-ups in Ghana, one for Binance Affiliates and KOLs and another for the general crypto community.

  • Binance also hosted a ten-day mall activation at one of Nairobi’s biggest malls.

Binance concluded yet another week of community events in Africa. Here are our most recent events in East and West Africa.

East Africa Event Highlights

“Women in Crypto” Meet-Up in Kampala, Uganda

On March 18, Binance sponsored a "Women in Crypto" event as part of our International Women's Day celebration. The event was held in Uganda's Capital city, Kampala, and brought together women from all backgrounds to network, learn, and share ideas about the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The event featured many powerful women in Africa, like popular business influencer Claire Mponye from BossBabe and Thea Sommerseth, Founder of Diwala, who highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in the crypto space. The audience was motivated by some success stories from women who have contributed to the blockchain industry and were encouraged to continue breaking barriers in the crypto space.

The event also highlighted the challenges women face in the industry, and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice. Interactive sessions were held around topics ranging from investment strategies to blockchain education to building a career in the crypto industry. The event ended on a lively note, with refreshments, fun trivia, and networking sessions.

“Women in Crypto” Meet-Up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Binance hosted another “Women in Crypto” event in East Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event, held at the ADORE Addis Hotel on March 18, was attended by over 60 people, primarily women.

Attendees learned about blockchain technology and the need for women in this technological revolution. Notable speakers in the crypto space were present at the event to share their experiences with the community. Attendees were also onboarded into the Binance ecosystem and introduced to different ways of getting started with a career in the blockchain industry.

Two Rivers Binance Mall Activation 

During a ten-day mall activation, participants were offered the chance to win a $50 shopping voucher through a raffle. Individuals had to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to enter. Throughout the activation, the Binance team engaged with over 2,000 mall-goers. Kamene Goro, a top Key Opinion Leader (KOL), was also present.

West Africa Event Highlights

Binance Community and Affiliates Meet-Up in Accra, Ghana


Binance hosted two meet-ups in Ghana in the city of Accra. One was for general community members, while the other was a special meet-up for Binance Affiliates and KOLs in Ghana. The general community meet-up was attended by over 300 people, while more than 50 attended the Binance Affiliates and KOL meet-up.

Discussions were held around blockchain technology in Africa, utilities of Binance products, and how crypto enthusiasts play a massive role in a country’s expansion of cryptocurrency. The audience also learned more about the Binance Affiliates and Binance Angels programs, which offer passionate crypto users the chance to work with the world’s largest cryptocurrency ecosystem in spreading adoption. 

Ghana Campus Tour Continues

Binance’s three-month-long campus tour in Ghana continued at the Ho Technical University. The event was attended by over 160 people within the school community, mainly students and staff of the university.

The young audience learned about blockchain technology and how Binance offers full-suite products that provide day-to-day utilities for African people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. They also discovered ways to kickstart and build careers in the blockchain space.

How to Get Involved

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