Africa BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Ghana Edition 2022: Call for Speakers and Content Committee Members


We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for the BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Africa 2022 happening in Ghana! And now we’re looking for people who want to speak at this event.

This is an in-person event and the first of its kind on the continent. We’re hoping we can run this annually and will keep rotating which countries in Africa we have them in.

This year’s event will be held in Accra, Ghana. Please see more details here to register.

This will be a hybrid event and so even if you aren't able to physically attend we will be streaming it Live on our YouTube and other Social Media Channels.  There are also online speaking opportunities for people with Africa-focused BNB Chain initiatives which will be broadcast at the event Live.

Given your comfort level or geographic location, this gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to speak.

We’re however giving all attendees Binance Souvenirs +  NFTs! We encourage you to attend this event in person.

The BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Africa 2022 is to bring together Crypto enthusiasts, Startups, Businesses, Investors, and NFT Artists from across the country in order for them to network and get educated while creating awareness of the BNB Chain and its offerings. 

The Summit will focus on 4 main areas of Web 3, each of which Binance products and services play an important role. 

  • NFT Project Exhibitions

  • Trading/Crypto Assets

  • Blockchain-based protocols

  • Businesses interested in Web3 architecture

BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Africa 2022  will take place April 23rd, 2022, and will bring together hundreds of Decentralized Finance enthusiasts who are academics, researchers, creators, and contributors.

Some of the reasons why speakers choose to talk at our conference, and why you may want to speak at BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Africa 2022 include:

  • The opportunity to speak about the ways the DEFI and BNB Chain ecosystem across Africa are advancing and reshaping organizations and society.

  • The chance to present new use cases and examine BNB Chain applications that matter.

  • Sharing research, new tools + frameworks, thought leadership, and case studies with the greater BNB Chain community.

If you want to speak at BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon Africa 2022, please fill out this form to be considered. 

If you are interested in being part of our content committee and helping shape the content of the future BNB Chain Africa conferences please fill out this form.

Rather be an attendee? Tickets are on sale now — click here to grab yours now

Finally, have a BNB Chain product or solution that helps organizations integrate BNB Chain and for the developing decentralized projects that you are ready to tell the world about? 

Fill out this form with your details and we’ll get back to you. Partner to reach thousands of business leaders and data scientists. 

Partnership Benefits

  • Online Brand Exposure across Binance Social Media (Million+ Following)

  • Offline Brand Exposure at Africa BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon  (1000+ Attendance) via your own Roll-Up Banners.

  • Special Slot at the Africa BNB CHAIN Revelation Hackathon to speak or showcase your product.