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7 Crypto Gift Ideas for Your Lover This Valentine


Roses are red. Violets are blue. We have found gift ideas. Perfect for you.

After the Christmas and new year celebrations, there’s the much anticipated Valentine’s day. And just as you had to think of crypto Christmas gift ideas, you will have to do the same for valentines day – think of crypto gift ideas for your lover this valentine. 

Duly celebrated worldwide, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your significant other how much you care, appreciate, and listen to them. Remember that most people care not only about the gifts but also about their message and significance.

Of course, your partner deserves the best, so perhaps you can put a little more thought into getting them gifts they will appreciate this year.  

You may also send the chocolates and teddys, but if your partner is a crypto enthusiast, it won’t hurt to add a little “coin” to the cake.

Clueless about your gift options? You can choose from our 7 crypto gift ideas for your lover, this valentine.

1. Wears for crypto enthusiasts

There is no such thing as too many socks. You may gift your lover pairs of soft, warm, and comfortable socks. But not just any socks, ones with tiny Bitcoin prints all over. 

They won’t just feel comfortable in the socks, but they’d also be excited about the NFT prints on them.

You may also like crypto hoodies. They are stylish, comfortable, and have remained trendy. Additionally, you can get some Bitcoin cufflinks for your man if he’s a shirt, suit, and crypto fan. Complete his classy, elegant look with a simple Bitcoin cufflink. He’d love it.

2. Hardware wallets

Say your lover owns an amount of cryptocurrency. He may need a hardware wallet to protect his assets even better. A hardware wallet is a physical wallet that stores the private keys that allow you to access your cryptocurrency offline. Although keeping your account details in a physical form may be perceived as counterintuitive, it is actually very safe. 

Since they are not connected to the internet, they are not susceptible to hackers with viruses or malware.

They are fire and water-proof, more difficult to lose than a piece of paper, and offer security features that can’t be rivaled. However, make sure to get this perfect gift idea for your lover this valentine from a reputable company with suitable security measures.

3. Cryptocurrency Books and courses

You know they love you if they invest in your development. Books that teach cryptocurrency are perceived as not just thoughtful but also thought-provoking gifts. It shows that you are committed to their growth, self-development, and progress. Remember, you can never go wrong with books. 

So if your lover wants to explore the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, you may start by equipping them with crypto knowledge from these remarkable books:

  • Mastering Bitcoin- Andreas Antonopoulos

  • The Age of Cryptocurrency- Paul Vigna & Michel J. Casey

  • The Future of Finance — Henri Arslanian

  • Digital Gold- Nathaniel Popper

  • Coinstory — David Stancel

Additionally, you can also take a peek at CZ’s reading list to pick the book gift for your partner.  In this ever-evolving world of crypto, you can help your lover stay abreast of the latest trends. Encourage them to adapt to the changes and remain at the top of their games with excellent online crypto courses.

4. A romantic getaway

A romantic getaway with your lover may be just what you need to relax and enjoy the day of love. If you’re wondering what connection exists between holidays and cryptocurrency, note that you can now book tours and accommodations with crypto. 

You can make new memories with the crypto you’ve saved so far to sponsor a trip for you and your special someone in crypto style. 

Some merchants now accept crypto payments, so if you want a weekend getaway, why not put your cryptocurrency to good use? The world is your oyster!

5. Crypto-themed movie marathon with bae

This can be a fun event if your lover is a crypto enthusiast and movie fan. Instead of elaborate plans, you can plan a cozy, romantic movie marathon night with your partner. Prepare a list of fun shows for your partner if they are blockchain and metaverse enthusiasts. For example:

  • Crypto 

  • Unfriended: Dark Web 

  • Dogecoin Billionaire

  • The Simpsons: Episode Frinkcoin - Simpson cryptocurrency, anyone?

  • Decrypted

6. Crypto Gift Cards

If you have a crypto fan for a partner, you can never go wrong with Binance Gift Cards. With a collection of custom limited-edition gift cards with specific themes and exclusive collaborations, crypto gift cards are definitely a trendy way of send your partner a “token” of your love.

How To gift a lover Crypto In Seconds

This is a pretty straightforward process.

1. Click on your Binance app, and tap ‘Profile’ on the top left corner.

2. Tap ‘Gift Card’ and pick a card design and the amount of crypto you want to send. 

3. Select [send via email] so that your lover can redeem their crypto instantly. 

You may also include your referral link in the message field if you’re sending a Gift Card to a non-Binance user. Binance Gift Cards come with unique code numbers like a QR code. Recipients can then scan these codes to redeem their crypto gift. 

So, if your lover is a Binance user, they will receive the crypto instantly once they log into their Binance account and enter the gift card code. 

But if they are not, you can attach your referral link in the message field before sending it. When they receive the email, they can create a Binance account and redeem your crypto gift.

7. Profess Your Love on the Blockchain

This is undoubtedly a most romantic gesture towards your partner where you etch your true feelings in the most memorable way ever. 

Besides being hosting digital assets, the blockchain is also a permanent message wall. Every crypto transaction leaves a message that stays on the blockchain forever, promoting its transparency. So while social media and computers can flop, a paper may be misplaced, and even an engraved stone may be broken, on the blockchain, your messages of eternal proof of love will be one hundred percent protected forever. 

Wrapping Up

Roses are red, violets are blue, and we have found gift ideas perfect for you. Create magic moments with your lover, this valentine with these crypto gift ideas. Sign up for a Binance account to send NFTs and Valentine gift cards to your partner with ease.