How to Disable an Account
2018-01-05 07:35
There are a couple of ways to disable your Binance account.
Account accessible:
  • For mobile app users, go to the【Account】-【Security】-【Disable Account】
  • Check carefully the reminders and then click 【Disable Account】.
  • For the web page, navigate to the 【Security】-【Disable account】tab in your account’s user center via PC/laptop and web browser.
Account inaccessible:
Search the following emails you received from Binance and click the 【Disable your account】button here too if you want to temporarily disable your account.
  • [Binance] Password Reset
  • [Binance] Successful Login
  • [Binance] IP Verification
  • [Binance] Authorize New Device
  • [Binance] Reset SMS Authenticator
  • [Binance] Reset Google Authenticator
  • [Binance] Confirm Your Withdraw Request
We take the IP change notification email as an example: