According to CryptoPotato, BNB Chain has introduced a Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution to enable large-scale Dapps, enterprises, and BNB Chain itself to build customized Layer 2 solutions. This development is in line with BNB Chain's 2023 roadmap, which includes expanding the ecosystem through a secure multichain strategy. RaaS aims to provide Dapps and blockchain ventures with a cost-effective and streamlined method for constructing and deploying rollup networks, fostering the creation of unique ecosystems tailored to specific user bases. Sectors such as gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized pinning (DePin), and decentralized social (DeSoc) can utilize BNB Chain's RaaS by partnering with specialized service providers.

The Layer 2 solutions created through RaaS on the BNB Chain will be integrated with the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which will serve as its foundational Layer 1 and governance chain. RaaS is expected to support BNB Chain's significant expansion by enabling developers to deploy scalable applications easily, leveraging rollup technology to improve transaction throughput and scalability on Layer 2 networks while finalizing transactions on the main blockchain (BSC). BNB Chain's efforts in Layer 2 networks began in June 2023 with the introduction of opBNB, its Layer 2 scaling solution based on the Optimism OP Stack, on a testnet. This solution is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing it to work with Ethereum-based smart contracts and token standards. After testing, the scaling platform was deployed onto a mainnet and became publicly accessible. BNB Chain recently reported that opBNB had an average of 2.81 million active users per day, a 70% increase week-on-week, with a median gas fee of $0.002 from 2nd March to 8th March, while BSC had an average of 1.42 million daily active users.