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What is Binance Code and How to Apply

What is Binance Code and How to Apply

2022-01-19 02:03

What is Binance Code?

Binance Code allows simple crypto transfer and exchange through secured and prepaid codes. You can create Binance Code in bulk, check code balance, and redeem codes via API on the website easily.
With Binance Code, both crypto and non-crypto users can perform a wide variety of functions, such as crypto deposit, peer-to-peer exchange, payment, customer rewards, and more.

Key Benefits of the Binance Code

  • Trade and transfer crypto securely without fiat or P2P restrictions;
  • Codes can be traded and used on platforms outside of the Binance ecosystem;
  • Provides anonymity for users;
  • Flexible amount and token;
  • Instant Binance Code creation, balance check and redemption with the support of Binance Code API;
  • Easy bulk create function on the website;
  • Conveniently manage and export Binance Code via the bulk order function;
  • Simple crypto onboarding tool.

How to get started with Binance Code

To obtain Binance Codes and become a Binance Code Partner, simply follow these steps to get started.
Option 1: Via API with Crypto Payment
1. Please refer to How to Download and Set Up Binance Code API to download and set up.
The daily Binance Code creation amount and quantity limits are as follows:
  • Amount limit: 2 BTC/24 hours
  • Creation limit: 200 codes/24 hours
2. Prepare the funds in your Funding Wallet.
3. Generate Binance Codes via API.
Option 2: Via the Bulk Create function on the website
1. Prepare the funds in your Funding Wallet.
2. Go to Binance Code and click [Bulk Create].
3. Select your desired token and enter the quantity to create Binance Codes.
The daily Binance Code creation amount and quantity limits are as follows:
  • Amount limit: 2 BTC/24 hours
  • Creation limit: 200 codes/24 hours
4. Download Binance Codes from the [Bulk Order] page or view individual codes from [History].
For more details, please refer to the step-by-step tutorial and FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Binance Gift Cards and Binance Code?
Binance Gift Card primarily serves as a way to send customized crypto gifts to your friends and family. Binance Code allows simple and secure crypto transfer and exchange through secured codes. It also supports instant Binance Code creation, balance check, and redemption via API.
2. What does the Binance Code API support?
The Binance Code API allows you to bulk create codes in any token value of your choice, check the token value of a specific code, and redeem codes instantly.
3. How to track my Binance Codes?
For bulk-created Binance Codes on the website, you may track them on the [Bulk Order] page.
For Binance Codes created via API, or individual codes created via bulk creation, you may track them from [History].
4. How can I apply Binance Code to my business?
There are various use cases for businesses. Binance Codes can be used for crypto exchange, transfer, payment, customer rewards, disbursements, and more.
5. What kind of partnership does Binance Code offer?
  • Distributors: have an existing online presence (online stores, gift card platforms, any business with a membership system, etc.) hoping to resell it to customers or distribute Binance codes as loyalty rewards.
  • Exchange brokers: existing exchanges, brokers, or peer-to-peer merchants who can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via Binance Code in preferred local currencies or payment methods.
  • Merchants: businesses that consider accepting Binance Code as crypto payments from customers.
6. I want to be a Binance Code Partner. How do I start?
Welcome aboard! Please refer to the instruction in How to Become a Binance Code Partner.
7. How to increase my daily creation amount and quantity limits?
If you would like to increase your Binance Code daily creation quantity and amount limits, please email to with your Binance UID used to generate Binance Codes, and the usage of Binance Codes, such as the distribution platform(s) you intend to use.